Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fascinating - and Cowardly

For postings that are older than a couple of weeks, any comments made on those posts have to be moderated. Mostly so that I know someone left a comment so I can respond but also to avoid spam messages. Those crafty spammers like to go back to old posts and leave crap messages with lots of links.

But today's comment needing approval is a doozy...I won't call him (or her) a spammer. After all there are no links - even to their profile, which was clearly created just to leave negative and obscene comments.

In response to my post "Yes, They Deserve to Die..." I got the following comment yesterday (edited here, but in full glory in the post):

"look(CastoCreation)-What the hell is that anyway? you stupid f***ing narc b***h, you can burn in hell too with every cop in the world thats right i just called out ever f***ing cop in the world my life wish would be for every cop to burn in hellfire in front of their precious little families you got that you f****t b***h"

Wow...someone has some unresolved anger. I wish I could visit their blog...well, perhaps not as I don't think they have the best writing or grammar skills.

And yes, I did approve the message because people need to see the evil that is out there in our world. And I truly do believe in free speech, regardless of the content of that speech. Unlike so many liberals who believe in "free speech for me, but not for thee" I don't mind disagreement (even one so insulting and cruel).

P.S....how can someone be a "Fa**ot B***h?" Aren't the two incompatible?

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pamibe said...

As someone who was married to a cop, her best bud was a cop for years... I totally agree with you!

I'll go one further and say that ANY right thinking American wouldn't hesitate to do the same. Law enforcement, military, firefighters... those who protect us at their own peril... those are our damned heroes! Do them harm at your own risk!

That undeveloped fool has some major issues.