Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Can All Help

When hubby and I were trying to have a baby we talked about adoption and whether we'd want to do that if we couldn't get pregnant. I've always wanted to adopt a baby from Africa or the Ukraine. Or China. Or pretty much anywhere, really. :)

My heart aches when I see those shows about the horrible conditions of orphanages in the Ukraine where babies are never held. Or the orphanages in Africa where siblings are separated into different 'camps' because one has HIV and one doesn't. The lives of these children are fairly hopeless without assistance or adoption.

One of my facebook friends posted a link to a blogger who's family is trying to adopt a child, Miles, from the Congo. She's also trying to raise funds to help feed some of the children who are stuck in these orphanages.

Her goal is that everyone donates $1...just one dollar will feed FOUR children for an entire day! Can you imagine?!? Eating all day for less than $0.25!??? And children are truly the most innocent victims who have done nothing to deserve their fate.

So...head on over to "The Terry Family's" blog posting. She's also asking for formula and I'm going to find out if she can use formula checks to buy formula to take with her when she travels to the Congo.

Just one dollar. Mine is donated.

*Warning - her site has music that starts up...which I hate (why do bloggers insist on forcing you to listen to what they like?) ... nevertheless, just scroll down and hit pause. It's worth it. :) I know there are so many who need help, but if you can touch just one life it's worth it, right?

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