Friday, January 15, 2010

Great Analogy

As I work from home today, I'm listening to the radio and Rush just gave a great example in regards to punishing success.

If I punish my son for getting an A, because it's not fair that he got a better grade than the neighbor kid who got a C, by saying that they both get Bs...what am I going to get in the future? It won't be a son who strives for an A and it won't be a neighbor boy who strives for a B. It'll be two kids who work less to achieve little.

The same is true of businesses. If you PUNISH success by raising taxes, increasing fees and regulations, and demonizing businesses that make a will NOT encourage growth in our economy. You will get fewer businesses and fewer individuals who strive to achieve through risk, development, new products, and success.

I understand that the Democrats really don't care about the little people...they care mostly about their own power (and let me add that most of those in the "elite" GOP have the same attitude - it's all about remaining in office...principles be damned). Through any means necessary.

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