Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Diversity Woman to the Rescue

Wow...I am just in awe...and not in a good way. Via Freeman Hunt's blog (a newly discovered gem) comes a paragon of virtue in teaching her child that two men can be married and both be daddies, and that two women can be married together and both be mommies. It really does almost read like an Onion article. You have to read it to believe it.

I think her daughter's instinct was the correct one and this mother is trying to teach her child that nature is wrong. Her daughter instinctively knows that two boys can't marry and two girls can't marry. Why not? Well, because it's not natural. Mating in the wild never occurs between two species of the same cannot continue a species without two opposites. Ever heard of opposites attract? I've got no issue with people seeing or dating or "marrying" whoever they want...but don't try to convince me that it is natural and "okay". It just isn't.

Unicorns and rainbows of utopia are the goals we should strive for as human beings...unless you're white and heterosexual and then you need to flog yourself for the sins of your ancestors (whether they did anything wrong or not) and feel piles of guilt for being "privileged" (not sure how to define privileged just having pale pigmentation of the skin the only qualification?).

No one culture (unless you're American) or religion (unless you're a Christian) is better than any other. All beliefs are equal (unless you're a conservative of course...or in the military) and we should never judge anyone else (unless you're a redneck, racist, bigot, homophobe, anglophile...or just a Republican...or Christian).

And the RNC is evil (actually, I have a hard time arguing that one lately) and according to some in the comments, flag waving Americans are performing genocide on innocent Muslims and anyone else who gets in our way. As if the little friend of her daughter comes from a religion that promotes tolerance and diversity...I'll give you three guesses what religion it is. =)

Diversity is such a sacred cow to liberals that there are actual businesses created in order to promote if running a business is all about how diverse you and your staff are; rather than creating jobs and wealth. I'm sorry but if you know how to do the job I don't care if you're black, brown, purple, or red. And I sure as hell would not hire a company to "teach" me how to diversify (sadly, my current employer has fallen down this rabbit's quite disturbing).

And lest this queen of diversity (she's the co-founder and president of one of those scams, er, I mean businesses - New Demographic, a diversity education firm - WTF does that mean exactly?) question my own bona-fides ... I'm part Indian (the native kind), part Ukranian, a bunch of who the hell knows, and all American. I know lots of people (who she calls "references") of all types - gay, straight, black, white, brown, muslim - in fact in my near to immediate family we have Japanese, Taiwanese, and Jewish members. No gays or lesbians that I know of, but it wouldn't surprise me, or bother me all that much. But I'm pretty much just "white" and I'm sure that disqualifies me as able to have any opinion on the matter.

The so called diversity that this woman preaches is superficial and phony. There's no room for tolerance or diversity of THOUGHT. If you disagree you're automatically branded a racist buffoon, a bigot, a homophobe. And even though all religions are supposedly equal, if your religion says that homosexuality is a sin you're a fascist "Christianist" (what is that anyway?). Unless you are which case we'll forgive your judgmental views in order to prove our diversity.

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