Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Evil, Just Wrong

I heard these amazing folks interviewed on the radio this morning...their accents alone were worth listening to.

They created a movie that discounts what the global warming alarmists and crazies. Imagine a dissenting voice to The Goracle.

I'll probably get the DVD when it comes out. I'm sure I'll need to show it to my kid to counter whatever crap they get shown in school.

Check out their website.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Discouraging Growth

Has there ever been a country in the history of countries that has had politicians encouraging DECREASED growth? I'm not talking about current liberal European countries...I'm thinking about historical governments.

Watching Ed Driscoll's latest broadcast, that is the only thing I could think.

What other country has political elites trying to encourage higher gas prices?

What other country's government sought to "slow the economy" as Bill Clinton suggested we needed to do last year?

When did it become popular to downplay success and discourage achievement?

It's completely foreign to me that we should stop trying to achieve greatness. It's illogical to me, as Tom Brokaw suggested to the then President Elect, that the government should force gas prices back up to $4 even when the market has brought them down to $2. I suppose Tom can afford $4 with no problem, but the rest of us need to be able to fill our tanks for that horrible "$20 a tank" he scoffs.

I was exchanging comments on a blog that I enjoy ... the post was discussing the recent "stimulus" and the tax increase for those making more than $250k. Of course, my comments come from the idea that government should get out of the way. Whereas another commenter disagreed with me and thought that those making $250k or more "owe society" and should pay more taxes.

We clearly and fundamentally disagree. If government got out of the way, doing only its basic duties (infrastructure, military, police), I believe that the American spirit would lift everyone up...though innovation, private charities, and small business. I believe that government is a hindrance - that it tries to control and crush the spirit of adventure that many Americans have.

Obama is trying to bring more government to the "rescue" of our economy. Sadly, it is not going to work. If the economy starts to recover it will be in SPITE of his experiments with economics.

The liberal and political elite (I know there are so called conservatives in power who are more concerned with hanging on to power than being the voice of those they represent) seem to have no clue. I hope that those of us resisting will help spread the message that we are NOT all Socialists, as Newsweek proclaimed.

8 Weeks and 4 Days

I am counting down the days to my second trimester and I had better NOT be one of those women who have "morning" sickness the whole way through pregnancy or I might have to protest. I don't know who I'd protest but someone would get an ear full.

We had our first ultra sound yesterday...dang that heart beat is STRONG. And they confirmed the due date...almost exactly the estimated due date...October 3. That's a lot of October birthdays for our family ... my grandma's was Oct 2. I have an aunt, uncle, and sister in law in October as well. I bet my kid gets more presents though. :)

I am utterly and completely miserable. I'm nauseous ALL freaking day long. None of this 'morning' crap and move on. Oh no. It's all day and night.

Saltines only help temporarily. Ginger Ale makes me burp. They have a yummy smoothie at work that actually seems to help for about an hour. Of course it costs over $3! But I will gladly pay for temporary relief.

Of course, my nausea last night probably had more to do with the blathering idiot I'm supposed to call president. I couldn't take more than 5 minutes.

I will say that Michelle at least looked more fashionable...purple is a good color for her.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Music and Healthcare Surveys

I'm not a huge music freak. I think I went to a concert for Tim McGraw a few years ago...pre-marriage I think.

For the most part, I enjoy the songs I have on my i-Pod and rarely add to what I listen to.

And the only time I really enjoy American Idol is when they're doing the first 'interviews' and have the really crappy people. lol

Dear God...I pray we do NOT get nationalized health care. I can only imagine the hoops I'd have to jump through to get treatment for being Bipolar. Our system is not perfect but there's a reason why Canadians come here into Washington State for treatment instead of staying in Canada and using their "free" system. Nothing is free.

Why Should I Bother?

We got our bonuses today. I've never really understood why they tax bonuses at a higher rate than our regular salaries, but the government kept 40% of my bonus this year. 40%!

I do NOT make a lot of money and my bonus wasn't that much (we're talking low 4 figures) so when you take out 40% I really feel it. I'm sure some of the higher ups around here who get 6 or 7 figure bonuses notice too, but not nearly as much. If I got a $1,000 bonus I got to keep $600. If I got a $10,000 bonus (which I didn't) I'd get to keep $6,000. While it would hurt to see $4,000 disappear into the government coffers, it would be way more painful in my everyday life to only keep $600 of a $1k bonus.

And "the One" wants to tax me more! Between my husband's and my income, we are nowhere near $250k, but we will be taxed more. It's inevitable. All of the tax rates will rise with his increased spending to "help" those who have made bad financial decisions.

The markets sure don't like what he's been doing and that's hurting hubby and I as well. In 4th quarter I "lost" $30k in my retirement plan. I've been saving and investing since I was 18 years old (my mom doesn't even have $30k in her entire plan!). You better believe that I was pissed. But I also didn't freak out ... I know that the market has ups and downs and I am in it for the long haul.

But as Obama keeps proving that he knows nothing and pulling ideas out of his ass I see my accounts shrink more and more. It is incredibly depressing. And yet, I do not pull out because I know (I pray!) it will end eventually and cooler heads will prevail. I'm hoping Bobby Jindal will be a shining star in the GOP and help turn this boat around in 4 years.

As with any politician, I just pray that he keeps his head level and ideals firm. I would SO love a Jindal/Palin ticket.

h/t for the video: Speak Dog Speak

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Survey

Did you watch the Oscars? I didn't bother. Dark Knight wasn't nominated so who really cared?

I do want to see Slumdog Millionaire one of these days though - not because it won but because I'd heard it was pretty decent.

Pet Lovers - Please Assist

Please head over to my pet blog - Home Zookeeper - and spread the word about these four dogs who are currently in Taiwan. They are so precious and I hope we can get them transferred to the U.S. in an adoption or foster home in time to save their lives.


As I headed downstairs to get my bagel (I forgot mine at home so have to shell out $1.47!) I noticed on the TV monitor that the market was up over 150 points. Awesome.

On my way back up, I noted that Obama was speaking...and the market was now down over 80 points.

Correlation? You decide.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Morgan Freeman is my HERO!!!

I love this man. Oh my gosh.

So glad Liberty Zone "stole" it and posted it so I'd see it. (I get e-mails with her posts ... LOVE her!)

I love the bitch slapping. Good God, Mike Wallace doesn't know what to do with himself!!!!!

"How are we going to get rid of racism? Stop talking about it." DUH!!!

"Black History is American History"

Well hot damn...a celebrity who gets it.

I Have a Dream

And Obama is killing it. So is the Queen of my State.

My state is now officially in as bad a state as California. Per capita our debt is the same. Isn't that nice? Of course, she told us time and time again before the election last year that there was NO state deficit and that her challenger, Dino Rossi, was simply misleading people.

Uh huh. Right. We knew the truth then and now it's coming to light. Dino was right. We are in way deeper than even he said.

So do the Dems in charge talk about spending cuts? Of course not! They want to TAX us more!

I mean, it makes sense right. When you or I have a cash flow problem we don't cut our spending. We get more credit cards to take on more debt or we force our boss to give us a raise right?

Oh...we don't do that? Well, why not? It's what the government wants to do.

I have been dreaming of opening my own bead store for years now. I would LOVE to do it and there are plenty of open shops in my area right now and I bet the rent is cheap too. But can I and would I? Hell no.

The tax process alone is a nightmare. Even for my small jewelry business it takes too much time to figure out the complicated stated tax process...which is generally more cumbersome than the federal one. Add employees and salaries and being my own boss with the taxes that entails ... good grief. I'd be insane to start a business!

So thank you very much Queen Christine and Messiah. You're doing a great job of stimulating me to keep my ambition tempered and my goals crushed.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kiss Mine

I'm in a completely bitchy depressed mood. I shouldn't be. I had a great first appointment with my new doctor. Hubby came with me even, which was actually pretty funny. But everything looks fine so far. And she said that the level of my nausea is a good sign...which makes me laugh. I'm miserable but it's a good thing.

So why the depression? The continued drama with my dog has thrown me off kilter to an extreme level. Last night I was a complete mess.

So there's that.

Let's see...what else? Oh politics. Obama is an ass. They just passed the biggest pork barrel bill ever and he's asking for another $50 or $75 BILLION!?! That's such a shocker.

And for what? To bail out irresponsible home owners who should never have been home owners! Hubby and I have paid our mortgage on time and in full every single month. We didn't get greedy and try to own a home that we couldn't afford, just because the bank said we could. We weren't STUPID!

The State of Washington is in just about as dire straights California. Per capita, our current deficit is almost the same. Of course, Queen Christine told us that there was no deficit before she got elected last November. Now she says she was right, there was no deficit THEN. What a bitch. She knew the deficit was predicted.

And what is our noble state government doing? Debating a bill on outlawing toy looking lighters.

Perspective people!

And some Republicans are supposedly saying that nationalizing banks might be an okay thing.

We are so screwed. Why can't these people see that they are the problem? It's not private business. It's not the banks. It's not even Wall Street. It's the political corruption that feeds the piggies at the trough.

I think I need to stop listening to the news. Although I do need something to distract me from my doggy woes.

And work sucks today. People are pissing me the hell off. I'm trying to work...leave me alone! And fix my damn computer.

Okay...I think I feel a little better. I just hope this funk ends because it really sucks.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I watched two or three movies this weekend (no, I honestly can't remember! It could have been 4!).

Sunday night I finished up Iron really rocked. Who is the main actor? He was totally hot! lol But even better was the kicking ass of terrorists. Gotta love that. Of course there was an underlying "weapons are bad" theme that I didn't love, but really it required weapons to defeat the bad guy so that works for me.

Then Monday while I laid on the couch trying not to throw up I watched Failure to Launch. I LOVED IT!!! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Mcconaughey were great, but so were the actors who played his parents. Hilarious. I kept trying NOT to laugh because of my nausea but it was impossible. My favorite character was Sarah Jessica's roommate, Kit. And her eventual boyfriend (Matthew's friend) Ace. They had me rolling.

I have a feeling that I'll be watching quite a few movies in the next few months. At least until this damn nausea goes away.

Got any good recommendations? Hubby has completely ruined me for slow, meaningful movies. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a real "romance" movie. If there aren't things blowing up, or if I'm not laughing, I'm bored. I'm not watching most movies to "learn" or experience any sort of deep meaning. I am watching to escape and enjoy myself...nothing more. If I want to experience something more I watch documentaries. =)

Saving More is Fun - Using Multiple Coupons

I love saving money on groceries. I have changed my grocery spending habits so much in the last 8-9 months it's amazing. Trips are much more planned out before I go to the store. Planning is a big piece, which is great since I love planning things.

A lot of people think that coupons aren't worth it ... you just save a few dollars and it's too much work, yada yada yada. But in reality, it doesn't take *that* much extra planning to save a lot on your grocery bill. I'm going to be losing a lot of my spare time in about 8 months but I don't want to stop saving money on our groceries. Especially since we'll need all the extra money we can get with our new little expense.

HotCouponWorld makes it extremely easy to hop online and see where you can save the most on your bill. Their coupon database has grown leaps and bounds in the last couple of months. All you have to do is type in the product you're looking for to see if it's there. It's a really great resource for me because I can rarely remember where coupons are...especially the online printable ones.

Most of the online printable coupons can be printed more than once, allowing you to benefit from using multiple coupons.

Other benefits:
  • mutiplies the savings for items you buy
  • lets you build a stockpile
  • lets you maximize store sales
  • keeps you from paying full price so that you can buy at the best possible price
And did you know that Target has printable coupons? (I love Target!) I had no idea until I joined HotCouponWorld. And the best thing is they don't put a limit on the number you can print (though I recommend just a few at a time). HCW keeps the Target coupons organized in one spot for easy printing. Even better, the Target coupons are store coupons...which means you can use manufacturer's coupons WITH them.

Looking for some V8 Juice? Target has a $0.50 off one coupon and then there $1 off of two coupons in the 1/18 Smart Source insert. (by the way ... don't throw your inserts out ... I buy at least one paper, usually more, and store my inserts by date so I can cut out the coupon I need later).

So, instead of *just* saving $0.50 with the Target coupon, or just $1 off of two with the manufacturer coupon...combine them and save $2 on two bottles of juice. Do this when they are on sale and you can really save a bundle. $2 isn't chump change...that's almost a gallon of gas (our gas is now over $2/gallon again).

By combining store and manufacturer coupons with sale items I've gotten lots of free items, as well as made money on products!

Oh, and did I mention that HotCouponWorld even has people who scan the ads of places like Target, and then people post all the deals they find!?! I occassionally find deals and post them, but most of the time I don't spot what the experts find. It's wonderful to be able to see what the best deals really are. Check out this week's Target ad deal discussion.

I'm rambling I think ... but hopefully you get my point. HCW has so many helpful things for you to use to save money - they even have a special page of resources.

I hope you can save money with coupons like me. ;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Mother is Insane

So, on Sunday we went out to Red Lobster for lunch to celebrate my mother in law's birthday. Since it was a good excuse, hubby and I had decided to tell folks the big news. I'm only around 8 weeks, but hubby was having a hard time waiting so we went ahead with it.

My coworker had a great idea for telling them. On Saturday I went to Michaels and sat on their dirty floor picking out little tiny cardboard letters to paste onto wooden frames. I needed two "Grandma" frames, one "Aunt", and one "Great Grandpa".

I spent a couple of hours gluing and painting. I ran out of steam and didn't completely paint my own mom's frame, but I knew she wouldn't care.

We headed out to lunch and found out that it would be a 45 minute wait. It's never as long as they actually say so we all decided to stay and wait. I figured that was as good a time as any so hubby went out to the car to get the "Valentine's Day" presents. hee hee

My Sister in Law got it RIGHT away. It took my grandpa and my mother in law a little longer. It's a good thing we were out in the waiting room and not at a table. My MIL started crying. And everyone started taking pictures. Sheesh.

So my mom has known for about 24 hours and she's already started shopping for maternity clothes for me. ROFL She is nuts. She had resigned herself to never having anything but doggy grand "kids" so it was a real shock to her. She called last night and asked "Are you sure?" ... she's in a little shock.

Which makes sense...I mean, hubby and I were in shock for the first couple of weeks. Now I'm not so much in shock as in nausea ... constantly. It really sucks. As does the slight cramping. *sigh* Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Today my mom called me at least 6 times. I'm sure she'll calm down eventually. *grin*

Friday, February 13, 2009

Since When Does Feminism Equal Crazy?

I stopped being a so called "feminist" just slightly after middle school. It's a word without a definition in my world and I have hated the label for years.

I always wonder if the people who drop Entrecards here actually stop to see what this blog is about. The person from Menstrual Poetry must not have.

If the blog name doesn't immediately throw up red flags, it should. It's as bad as it sounds.

I decided to wade in and found this lovely tidbit...
Women of color are not constructed as mothers; they are presented as irresponsible breeders who did not have the decency not to burden society with their offspring. Their right to reproduce is continually challenged because a capitalist economy does not encourage production without an obvious profit.

Wow...really? Women of color (what color? Purple?) aren't moms now? That's news to me. Why is it that liberals try to project their racist view on others? The author of this post insinuates that all white mothers are of the privileged class...meeting at Mommy and Me classes and having magic pain free labor. Because you know ... all white women are EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME. It's only people of "color" who are worthy, diverse, and unique.


You know what I don't like...women who have babies when they have no husband, no way to support themselves, and no viable future for them or their children. I don't care what color they's irresponsible.

Who are these high and mighty, holier than thou, liberal women who think that if you don't agree with their definition of "women's rights" that you're a mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, unworthy "white" person?

I guess they are the same people who write on blogs called Menstrual Poetry. Who think it's okay to kill a baby before it's out of the womb because it's a woman's "right". Who think being white is something to feel guilty about. Who think that if you disagree with their definition of feminism that you're a Moose hunting bible thumper.

Thank God there are more women speaking out against this type of fascist feminazism. I just discovered a great site called Moms in the Right. One of the first posts I read was a letter to the mentally challenged woman who just had 8 kids (to add to her original 6).

I wish people would read my blog before they dropped their card. Sometimes the blogs who visit piss me the hell off. And pregnant women should not be so pissed ... *deep breaths*

Luckiest Husband in the World

I'm too depressed to think about where our government is taking us and why the hand basket is so big.

So I'm going to make fun of Valentine's Day.

My husband is so freaking lucky. I hate Valentine's Day.

Well, maybe hate is too strong a word. What I hate is the commercialism surrounding it and the pressure put upon guys to buy things just to "prove" their love. Even little kids don't escape the faux celebration.

I remember loving putting together Valentine's Day cards for my classmates every year with those yummy chalk like heart candies. I always ended up feeling deflated when it was all over because we *had* to give cards to everyone so none of them were really all that special. How am I supposed to know if a certain boy likes me if all the boys are forced to give cards?

My hubby is not required to lift a finger for this "holiday". I don't want a card. I don't want any flowers. I don't want chocolate (especially since I haven't eaten any since December 31!). I have no desire to fight the masses by going out to eat.

Hubby is working an overtime shift this Valentine's Day...which is awesome and the perfect gift. He's earning money for us! =) That I can appreciate.

So have a great V-Day. I'll be home either watching a movie, making jewelry, or sleeping.

From the Mouths of Babes

One of my favorite kids' stories when I was young was the Little Red Hen. I "got it". And it will be a well read book in my home.

I found a little more modern version at my friend Pam's blog. Brilliant!


Once upon a time, on a farm in Virginia , there was a little red hen who scratched about the barnyard until she uncovered quite a few grains of wheat.

She called all of her Democrat neighbors together and said, ‘If we plant this wheat, we shall have bread to eat. Who will help me plant it?’

‘Not I,’ said the cow.

‘Not I,’ said the duck.

‘Not I,’ said the pig.

‘Not I,’ said the goose.


‘Then I will do it by myself,’ said the little red hen, and so she did.

The wheat grew very tall and ripened into golden grain.

‘Who will help me reap my wheat?’ asked the little red hen.

‘Not I,’ said the duck.

‘Out of my classification,’ said the pig.

‘I’d lose my seniority,’ said the cow.

‘I’d lose my unemployment compensation,’ said the goose.

‘Then I will do it by myself,’ said the little red hen, and so she did.

At last it came time to bake the bread.

‘Who will help me bake the bread?’ asked the little red hen.

‘That would be overtime for me,’ said the cow.

‘I’d lose my welfare benefits,’ said the duck.

‘I’m a dropout and never learned how,’ said the pig.

‘If I’m to be the only helper, that’s discrimination,’ said the goose.

‘Then I will do it by myself,’ said the little red hen.

She baked five loaves and held them up for all of her neighbors to see. They wanted some and, in fact, demanded a share. But the little red hen said, ‘No, I shall eat all five loaves.’

‘Excess profits!’ cried the cow. (Nancy Pelosi)

‘Capitalist leech!’ screamed the duck. (Barbara Boxer)

‘I demand equal rights!’ yelled the goose. (Jesse Jackson)

The pig just grunted in disdain. (Ted Kennedy)

And they all painted ‘Unfair!’ picket signs and marched around and around the little red hen, shouting obscenities.

Then the farmer (Obama) came. He said to the little red hen, ‘You must not be so greedy.’

‘But I earned the bread,’ said the little red hen.

‘Exactly,’ said Barack the farmer. ‘That is what makes our free enterprise system so wonderful. Anyone in the barnyard can earn as much as he wants. But under our modern government regulations, the productive workers must divide the fruits of their labor with those who are lazy and idle.’

And they all lived happily ever after, including the little red hen, who smiled and clucked, ‘I am grateful, for now I truly understand.’

But her neighbors became quite disappointed in her. She never again baked bread because she joined the ‘party’ and got her bread free. And all the Democrats smiled. ‘Fairness’ had been established.

Individual initiative had died, but nobody noticed; perhaps no one cared…so long as there was free bread that ‘the rich’ were paying for.


I would add to the story that when the little Red Hen joined the party line there was less bread for everyone! And it tasted like crap.


Do you ever have one of those days?

Even I, a non Star Wars Geek, got the reference and found it funny. =) Sent to me by one of my idea where it originated.

I hope Obama feels that way soon, if he doesn't already.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's a Survey Day

Lots of fun surveys...well, I guess that depends on your definition of fun. :)

I love how they assume that everyone is freaking out over this recession and so called "crisis" ... I guess they've drunk the Obama Koolaid.

My biggest fear in this economic downturn is having the government expand and grow their control.

Wanna help me earn a couple extra bucks? If you sign up for dNeero let me know. I get a whole $1 for each person who signs up from my blog. *grin* Mama needs more Mac and Cheese!

Stimulate Me!

This is hilarious. Create your own stimulus, courtesy of Reason Magazine.

Here is mine:

wireless and broadband deployment grant programs

(including transfer of funds to Megan for the Megan Personal Economic Stimulus Program)

    For necessary and unnecessary expenses related to the Wireless and Broadband Deployment Grant Programs established by section 6002 of division B of this Act, $2,825,000,000, of which $1,000,000,000 shall be for Wireless Deployment Grants and $1,825,000,000 shall be for Broadband Deployment Grants: Provided, That an additional $150,000,000 shall be paid directly to Megan in the form of subsidized loans that do not require repayment. Provided Further, That the funds be used by Megan to provide jewelry supplies for small business or for whatever. Provided Even Further, That Megan will receive free House tickets for life. Provided Even Further Still, That Megan shall be treated as a cabinet-level appointment for the purpose of income tax reporting, and therefore no taxes shall be paid on any of the aformentioned benefits. And one more thing: Murtha is hereby expelled from Congress, effective immediately upon enactment.

Hey...I only asked for $150 Mil. That's peanuts!

I've Got Chills Running Down My Leg

Nothing cures what ails you like dead Nazis. If only our politicians had such gumption today. The will to win is a fragile thing.

I WILL be seeing this movie and pray it doesn't go all politically correct on me. The trailer makes me fall in love with Brad Pitt all over again. (He was very funny in Burn After Reading, although the whole movie was weird and disturbing.)

Thank you View From the Porch for linking to this. Dead Nazis rock.

Are You Being Green This Valentine's Day?

I want to puke every time I hear about how the world is ending and global warming is the worst threat to mankind. Apparently the dNeero folks think it's accepted science based on their latest survey questions. Sheesh. I *had* to pick an answer for one of the questions even though I haven't done a damn thing to live green. I refuse. All the hype makes me want to do things that are specifically ANTI-green. I just get rebellious that way. Doesn't matter the topic...if someone tells me I *have* to live a certain way I get my hackles up.

The enviro-wackos are nothing more than a bunch of socialist communist power grabbers who want to control the way we live.

They can have my incandescent light bulbs when they pry them from my cold dead hands. I've been stocking up before they aren't available any longer. *sigh*

The weather channel founder is trying to fight 'them' but is considered a kook.

It's insane!!!

One more oriented.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not All HMOs Suck

With the nightmare that was my Sunday, I had to spend a couple of hours in Urgent Care at Group Health.

I've been a member for as long as I can remember...ever since I stopped seeing my pediatrician (which I did under protest...I hate change). And while not every doctor has been wonderful, the majority have done a good job.

And I'm not completely healthy. I've had to go in for a few urgent things as well as routine check ups and my psychological issues. There are some hoops of course, but there will always be hoops no matter what kind of health insurance someone has.

The latest example of my amazement with Group Health comes with my recent injury. It was a Sunday morning and there were a few folks in front of us, but I don't think we waited in the waiting room more than 20 minutes. We were first seen by the nurse who washed out the wound before sending the doctor in.

The nice thing about GH is that they have quite a few PA (Physician Assistants) and most are very capable. This guy was amazing. He was incredibly thorough ... checking to make sure there was no breakage or tendon damage. He took his time and didn't rush through.

He decided not to put stitches in yet and to give the wound time to calm down a bit...the swelling was pretty bad and so was the bleeding. So he made an appointment with me to come in Tuesday morning at 8:15.

This is a really odd thing let me tell you. Here is an Urgent Care doc, who is only coming in on Tuesday for a meeting, but who wants a patient to come in and see him before his meeting.

On Monday he even called me to check and see how the wound was and whether I'd be coming in on Tuesday. Of course, I was, and I did. He was there in street clothes...only there for the meeting and to check out my wound.

That kind of service is not something we can look forward to if Obamanation implements nationalized health care. We're more likely to see care like that of this poor little girl who starves after having her teeth pulled. Or the many other cases of patients dying for lack of proper care and follow up that we've seen in Canada and Europe.

I appreciate the care that I've received so far with my HMO and I'd really appreciate it if the government would stay the fuck out of my life and my healthcare.


Survey Sites That Pay

I love you may have figured out with all my DNeero surveys I post here. I just feel the need to give people my opinion...whether they want it or not. Which may explain this blog. =) But getting PAID to give my opinion? Well, that is just cream cheese frosting on my chocolate fudge cake.

It can be difficult to confirm which survey sites are legitimate and which are nothing but spam and address collecting scams. HotCouponWorld has gone and done a wonderful thing for all of us survey lovers by reviewing and posting 19 different legitimate survey programs that are legitimate, pay out as promised, have little to no spam, and are a good way to earn a little extra cash.

And just as a note...I did just get a $20+ payment from DNeero into my Paypal account. *Happy Dance* (Yes, it took me over 6 months ... but it was painless "work" for $20) So I know for a fact that these sites can and do generate some cash or pay out (I've also gotten free shampoo from another survey site in the past).

One suggestion...if you do sign up for survey programs, create a special e-mail address just for taking the surveys. This can help you keep track of your survey opportunities separately from your regular mail.

Happy Survey-ing.

Great Quote

In light of the horror that is our new Socialist overlord...

"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."

- Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister

Stolen from: Political Conservative

Yesterday, Today, and Always

On my way to work, listening to Kirby Wilbur, the discussion of patriotism came up. Remember when GW was president and you couldn't question anyone's patriotism if they "dissented"?

Kirby played a sound bite from some youth who were interviewed about how Obama's presidency will change their lives.

Most blathered on about how they're going to do more volunteering and paying more attention to politics. Some morons talked about using less electricity or buying a hybrid car.

Then the interviewer asked them if they wouldn't have done those things if McCain had been elected.

A few said they would, but most of them said no.

Really?!? So, because "your" guy won the election you're going to participate in society. But if he had lost you were going to pout and sit it out?

It's like the people who now feel like flying the flag, when they hadn't for the last 8 years. I think these people are hypocrites. We flew our flag when Clinton was in office. Hubby didn't exactly love the guy. But it didn't matter.

These people seemed to think that because Bush was in office, they were no longer "real" Americans. Or that it wasn't cool to be proud of their country.

But now that we have the "One" who is going to solve Global Warming, buy us all homes, and give us all hope ... it's okay to be proud of America again.

There's even a ridiculous group called Born Again American.

Those people can suck it. They're idiots who wouldn't know real patriotism if it bit them on the ass. What are they going to do if the next President doesn't share their opinions? Are they going to say they're Dead Again Americans?

I am an American. Proud to be! No matter who is president. I think our current POTUS is a big headed, arrogant, jerk wad. But I am still proud of this country and would never want to live anywhere else on this entire planet.

That is true patriotism. Not the fair weather patriotism that so many liberals seem to have.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life Sucks

I've had a very bad two days...hence no blogging.

You can read about the hell that has been my life on my Home Zookeeper blog. Feel free to hate me. I do right now.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saving Money with Organic Grocery Deals

I'm not a *huge* organic shopper. There are several items that I buy that are considered organic, including my milk. It lasts longer and tastes better.

Otherwise, I will only buy the organic products if I can find a good deal.

Luckily there is the Organic Grocery Deals forum.

The purpose of the forum is not to judge you for not being 100% granola crunching, gaia loving, green. The point is to help you find great deals on organic products in a friendly and non judgmental environment.

In addition to the deals you can find, the forum also includes information on gardening, eating in season, organic and natural product information, coupon trading, green living tips, book recommendations, organic news, and so much more.

I was able to find out about coupons available for my milk and have saved over $50 in the last six months. We drink a lot of milk.

Maybe you'll find something to help you save too!

Why Aren't There More Like Him

Freaking brilliant.

Donahue is a moron.

Ketchup Smilie Faces

And French Fry Dreams.

I had a wonderful day yesterday. Hubby and I got up early and traveled to the "Super Mall" up north. My original goal was to find a Coach outlet (I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket), but they don't have one there, so we just wandered.

It's an outlet mall so we hit Eddie Bauer and the Levi's and Hanes stores. I got some adorable sweaters for around $12 and a hooded front zip sweatshirt for $15.

Then we hit the food court. We were starving and everything looked great, but I really wanted to go to Johnny Rockets. I hadn't been to JR since I was in the 6th grade and we went to Japan. I thought it was hilarious that the one in Washington state was exactly the same as the one in Tokyo. =)

The waiter served us our fries and made a ketchup smilie face. *grin* It's the little things in life.

And for once I had a cheese burger. I normally don't eat beef, but apparently I'm supposed to eat red meat three times a week. Probably not hamburgers, but whatever. It was delicious!

Then we got Cinnabons to go. *drooling*

We spent about three hours there and had such a great time. When we got home I took a's hard work stimulating the economy.

I love hanging out with hubby.

And you know what I've noticed? Since being pregnant, my mood swings are very mild, if existent at all. Maybe the hormones will have the opposite affect on me that they have on most and make me NORMAL. LOL

Friday, February 6, 2009

Throw Away Society

Medved is talking about a case in Florida of an abortion clinic doing horrendous things. More horrendous than cutting up babies in the womb.

A baby was BORN in the abortion clinic. An autopsy has proven that the baby took a breath - its lungs filled with air.

The workers cut the umbilical cord and stuffed the LIVE - LIVING - BABY in a biohazard bag.

I do not think there is much more evil than that. What kind of person could do such a thing?

According to the complaint, she gave birth at a Hialeah clinic after waiting hours for Renelique to arrive. The complaint said one of the clinic owners put the baby in a bag that was thrown away.

Police found the infant's decomposing remains a week later.

I want to throw up.

I believe that minutes before it was born it was also alive and deserved life. It was a future human being who deserves respect and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But once it was born, and fully outside the womb, it was legally a fully fledged human being, protected by law.

As someone who has wanted a baby for years, the "thing" growing in my uterus is not just a "thing". It is not a lifeless clump of cells. The moment we conceived it had unique DNA from me and my husband. It was human. It wasn't just an appendage or extra skin growth. My finger could never become a new human life if left alone to grow. The cells growing inside me are LIFE.

At around 7 weeks (nearly) it has started growing limbs and features that we can identify as human. And we talk about 'it' as a baby, a human, a future part of our lives.

It has a future. Unknown, except by God, but limitless.

My stomach aches when reading about this story. The idea that abortion is simply a medical procedure to remove unwanted cells, like amputating a finger, is sick and wrong. I do not come to my beliefs based on my religion. Science shows me that late term abortions are evil, sick, and wrong. And that no self proclaimed advanced society should allow them.

In 6th grade I wrote an essay in support of abortion. I didn't know what the hell I was talking about and was merely spouting back what I had been taught. In the 7th grade I read a book in the library and there were pictures of apes in the uterus at very young was some sort of science book. You could see the shapes and the future apes they would become. Not lifeless cells with no purpose or future life.

I have seen horrible pictures of tiny limbs, with fingers and toes, ripped from inside a woman. I have seen babies small enough to fit inside a person's palm but with all their human features - killed before their future could begin. I have seen the graphic drawings showing the procedure where a doctor punctures the back of the skull of the CHILD inside the womb, and sucks out the brains, before removing it piece by piece. I have read about the horror former abortion doctors went through in doing their "duty" ... which is why they are former.

This issue is obviously close to my heart right now as I wait for my little one to grow bigger...I'm still worried about losing him or her to a miscarriage. The issue will mean even more to me when I am able to feel the little crumb cruncher moving around inside of me...when I can hear the heartbeat. It's not just an appendage.

Like Viagra, Only Not as Effective

Found via Instapundit ... HILARIOUS!

There is no magic pill for the economy, even though Bambi is trying to scare us all into believing that this ONE magic bill is the cure to all our ills.

Saw him this morning on the news, talking yesterday to some group, and boy did he sound like a whiny little kid who wasn't getting his way. And of course blaming Bush for the problem we're in now. I won't say Bush had nothing to do with it, but if he really wants to try to blame someone he better be careful because the culprits are in HIS own party.

Poor Bambi...things just don't seem to be turning out the way he expected.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Surveys

Global Warming...whatever. I've got your global warming right here.

Oh, but it's all established science and nobody should argue. *spit*

And Payday Loans...just legalized mob lending as far as I'm concerned.

And last but not least ...

I Just Need to Stay Home

I had my first pregnancy appointment today. :) I was really nervous for some reason. It went fine ... and I scheduled my next appointment and they're going to try to fit in my first ultrasound in less than a month. The first appointment available was almost a month away! What the heck?

So then I make my trip to Albertsons ... they're having double coupons again and I saved over $95! I love it when I save twice what I end up spending. I got free Totinos Pizza Rolls, Sobe Life Water, and Beans. Plus a bunch of really cheap stuff like yogurt. Woohoo!

I was having a great time ... saving makes me happy. And then I got in line behind the welfare group. Two women (mother and daughter perhaps) with two kids - a full cart of crap food - hundreds of dollars worth of crap. Pizza, Pop Tarts, Cookies. Not that I don't eat that stuff too (except pop tarts, yuck) but I'm also not on welfare. So they have two separate orders, one with all the crap food that doesn't qualify for welfare and a second incredibly small order with some milk, cheese, and juice. It was so pathetic.

Just as annoying was the little boy who they had allowed to open a box of animal crackers (which pisses me off ... if you haven't paid for it and you eat it it's stealing!) and he was THROWING THEM AT ME!!! I'm not kidding. Throwing them directly at me. I finally said, "Do not throw animal crackers at me." And I was not kidding ... and then his mom or grandma noticed and took them away.

They had also opened two different packages of toys. Their kids can't last for an hour in the grocery store without opening (STEALING!) toys?!?! WTF?!

I have always said that I would never let my kids eat or drink items that I haven't yet paid for. Even when I'm starving or dying of thirst I don't eat or drink things without paying for them. My mom never let us do it and she would get SO mad at us when we snuck samples from the bulk section. Oh boy did we get in trouble. It's STEALING.

So they get through and it's my turn and the cashier rocks and I save bunches of money. Woohoo. Right?

When I get to my car, some asshole has parked SO F'ing close to my car that I couldn't get my car door open enough to get in the driver's side...I think I am going to have bruises on my legs from squeezing through the tiny opening I managed to took some self control to not purposely ram my door into the side of their car. Road (parked) rage anyone??? If I had been another couple months pregnant I really would have been in trouble. I was so pissed that I actually left a note ... it took all of my strength to not leave a curse laced note ... I just said "could you have parked ANY closer? Try to think of others next time will ya?" I could not believe how unbelievably rude they were.

I'm not supposed to get stressed out. =) I called hubby and he talked me down.

So now it's time for bed. Yes, it's not even 7 a.m. But I'm exhausted.

Don't Reward Terrorism

Instapundit publishes an exclusive from Michael Yon (who is awesome) about Sderot. His assessment is that a two state solution in Israel and Gaza is simply a reward for the terrorist behaviors of Hamas.

The idea of a two-state solution, once popular with many Israelis, is evaporating. More and more Israelis are coming to believe that any appeasement with the Palestinians is merely a reward for terrorism. And so it is. The Palestinians have become prisoners by their own hand. The hand that builds the bombs, wields the guns, and welds the rockets, has caused a fence to be built around them.

They are isolated and imprisoned. But it’s not only Israel who’s done this. The Gaza Strip borders Egypt, and Egypt has done the same. The terrorists are tunneling like rats and the Egyptians and Israelis are trying to locate and destroy the tunnels under their respective fence lines. Who wants the Palestinians? If the Palestinians truly were a peaceful lot, victims only of Israel, one might think that they would have free entry into Egypt. But they do not.

Until they stop their attacks on Israel, and instead focus on building a successful economy, they will remain destitute, punishing those citizens within Gaza who don't want to live in squalor and fear.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day HotCouponWorld Wishlist Contest

Have I mentioned how much I love Hot Coupon World? I've been a member there now for over six months ... maybe even 8, I can't remember when I first signed up. I've saved hundreds of dollars, learned a ton about using coupons effectively, and made new virtual friends. I'm hoping they'll help me save money on baby things soon.

A new initiative that they are trying out is having bloggers post about upcoming events, announcements, and other things noteworthy for the site. I want you to know up front that they are offering small payments for each blog post written, but that I would never write about something unless I truly supported it (or wanted to mock it ... but that won't be the case here).

So...without anymore rambling...the very first post for HCW...


Five lucky winners will get a great gift of their choice, up to $50.

How do you enter?

Super easy ... first, you have to register for HotCouponWorld (unless you're already a member like me).

Second...go to the contest link in the forum and follow the instructions for finding and listing the items you would want if you won.

Third ... oh wait ... that's it. You're done!

Well, there is the fine print ---- Post must be made by February 13th at 12 midnight Pacific Time.

And because HCW just rocks - the item can be $50 and you don't have to worry about shipping because they will cover that too. So it can be $50 with shipping of $12 and you're golden.

So what would I pick as my item to win? Oh gosh, there's just so much! But since I'm already itching to buy baby stuff... *grin* ... I'd have these as my items to pick from.

Oooooo...I want this NOW.

My baby will be brand new for Halloween and I will insist on dressing them up ... I love elephants.

So go enter. =) Have fun!

Poor Messiah

Looks like "The One" is finding this job a little tougher than he expected. Poor guy thought it would be all rainbows and roses - and everyone would love him.

Sorry, Bambi. Can't just vote Present in this position. Your decisions now impact us all and when you screw up you get the blame.

Between appointing crooks (and yes, if you cheat your taxes you're a crook) and hiring back on people who you threw under the bus during the campaign ... I'm not seeing the real change here.

The president added that he is "frustrated with myself, with our team," but said, "ultimately my job is to get this thing back on track."

Ah....poor thing is fwustwated? Maybe if he put on a jacket and started acting presidential his words would have more meaning to those around him.

I also heard on the news this morning that the AP called him arrogant. Poor baby. Just can't catch a break can he? Heh. I find it funny.

Yesterday someone announced on some show I was listening to that Bambi's approval rating had fallen dramatically. I hope all the worshipers wake up and wipe the koolaid induced sleep from their eyes in time for the next election. And I hope the GOP has a viable candidate with real ideas to replace this loser Jimmy Carter II.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I need to go get my conceal carry permit. I was wondering maybe if I should wait due to the pregnancy...I can't imagine carrying a gun, a diaper bag, and an infant.

But testimony like this (I don't know how to embed a google video) makes me realize that I need to be able to protect myself. Because the police won't be there in time.

Her testimony made me weepy eyed ... but it could be the hormones. I want to smack the politicians who look bored with her testimony.

"The second amendment is not about duck hunting. ... it's about all of our rights to be able to protect ourselves from all of you guys up there."

I love this woman!!!

Hat Tip: The Bobo Files - God Bless you Bobo for sharing!!!

Say It Ain't So, Sarah

The "stimulus" bill will almost assuredly pass and for that I cannot be more ill. It's nothing more than pork projects all piled into one, gargantuan, bloated, bribing bill for politicians to use as "proof" that they are doing something.

And sadly, so sadly, many GOP governors are trying to get "their share" of the pork. Even Sarah.

The 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, planned to meet in Washington this weekend with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and other senators to press for her state's share of the package.

NOOOOO!!!! Say it ain't so!!!!

I had such high hopes but reality is that she is still a politician and will work to get her state's share of the pork. That is her job. But it still sucks.

Even Bobby Jindall said he would accept money from the Feds. *sigh* Though he does say he'd vote against it.

So take a stand Bobby...don't accept Washington's bribes. Federal money is never "free" and always comes with strings and more federal control. It wouldn't be the popular move perhaps, but it would be the RIGHT thing to do.

It's not always the popular or easy thing, I know. Where are there politicians willing to do the RIGHT thing???

Hat tip: Pamibe

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fighting On Our Shores

Once again we see militant Hamas supporters in full public view spouting their hatred and evil. It could be Gaza ... but it isn't. It's Minnesota.

Of course they don't understand why Rep Ellison doesn't want to condemn anyone...they call out "Why not?" Because they only want to hate and wish for the death of all the Jews. They make themselves look like the animals they are. The Hamas "leader" at this rally has no respect for words - only militant bullying and violence.

Clearly there are Muslims out there who WANT to work and be more moderate. The Fatah leader made me happy when he tried to stop them burning the Israeli flag. They don't want to talk. Talking will only give Hamas time to recover and kill more.

I give Ellison full credit for trying to speak his mind against the Hamas militants. It is clear that while he is most certainly a liberal and probably against Israel in his own way, he wants to talk and try to accomplish something other than chanting and calling for death. Which of course earns him the title of coward by the Hamas supporters.

The one thing I will say ... if this was in Gaza I would bet dollars that Ellison would have been killed by the Hamas leader and his supporters. (In fact, the Hamas leader still had to be restrained from attacking the Fatah leader.) Being the United States the police stopped him before he got closer. Hamas is a terrorist organization. Why are they allowed to show public support for such an organization???

Were people allowed to show their support for the Nazi Germans during WWII? Would anyone dare throw a rally in support of Al Qaeda (not that the Hamas supporters *don't* support them)?

Thank you Power Line for sharing this video with us.

Not Too Shabby

I actually watched part of the Super Bowl last night. The first half I worked on jewelry - filling a couple of orders (yay!), finishing up some pieces, and taking photographs.

But the second half caught my eye because the underdog seemed to be making a comeback. It was pretty exciting.

Even though they didn't win, I think the Cardinals should be very proud of themselves. Pittsburgh players acted like thugs when they were behind and that is not cool. The Cardinals seemed to keep it classy and worked as hard as they could.

I didn't watch all the commercials the way I normally do...were there any good ones? I caught one ridiculously stupid Pepsi commercial. It seemed to be a Saturday night live skit...and it was pathetic. Oh and there was one with a Budweiser horse escaping to rescue his love from the circus. I thought that was sweet. =) Cause I'm sappy that way.

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Survey

It's been awhile since a new survey was offered by DeNeero ... bout time.

I totally think we should re-institute chain gangs. Prison should not be a picnic and public humiliation should be a requirement for all criminals. We need to bring back public shaming...maybe people would behave better.