Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I remember when the Tsunami hit in 2000. I know I don't need to say which Tsunami because we all know which one I mean. My eyes were glued to every news story and I could not watch enough of the videos that were released by tourists and news organizations. Traveling there to help was not an option for me even though my heart just ached for those people.

And now again my heart aches and the only thing I can do is send money. It feels like such a meager effort - click a button and go on about my day. There are people still trapped under rubble. Security is a huge issue and the people are expecting a lot of looting / stealing.

The Anchoress has put together a great post that lists places to donate. I picked Food for the Poor - a charity that Michael Medved also supports. Their admin costs are astronomically low - at only 0.6%!!! That is insane. Their fund raising costs are less than 2% of expenses. So you know that the money you send is going to the people in most need - obviously those in Haiti right now.

While I wish I could go down and help directly, reality is that I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a coworker. My responsibilities are here...and so I send what little I can (and am taking advantage of my current work's matching gifts program...every little bit helps!).

Please pray for those in Haiti today and in the future...and give what you can.

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