Friday, March 26, 2010

I Know This is Scary

OOOOOhhhhhh Look out Dems! Scary Tea Party radical!!!! Boo!

The lefties / progressives are practically peeing their pants over what they consider "mobs" and threatening radicals. Give me a very large break. I've been to "tea party" rallies and never once been nervous about my safety. I can't say the same about any lefty protest I've come across.

It's not violent to protest those who wish to rule over you. It's not violent to raise strong and passionate objections. It's not even technically violent to wish ill on's rude and stupid...but not violent. I have yet to hear ACTUAL threats of violence. I've heard stupidity and classless comments, but even those may not be what they seem.

In case you lefties have forgotten, THIS is what actual death threats are like. And THIS. Do you hear Palin crying or whining? (She's probably packing though! And I hope someone is investigating that lunatic.)

Conservatives are threatened and smeared all the time particularly when they start getting national attention. Remember Joe the Plumber? His personal and private details were illegally accessed in order to smear him because he dared, DARED, to question The One.

I've personally had my property defaced by some leftard...a bumper sticker on my car was defaced. Not a big deal but I would never...NEVER...touch someone's car to deface their personal property. It's wrong and rude. I had to remove the sticker (it was a troop supporting sticker, not even a pro-bush sticker which I don't even have on my car).

I have yet to see mobs of tea partiers with signs wanting to hang The One. We want to KILL the BILL...not the man. Yet it was just standard operating procedure to see signs calling for the death of Bush for a variety of supposed transgressions.

That's at an Obama campaign rally. Yup. No radical mobs here. Move along.

I didn't attend any official McCain rallies but I would be comfortable betting that there was nothing like that at one. If there had even been ONE single case of someone hanging The One in effigy it would be all over the news. ALL over. Just one. A single one. As "proof" that America is still a racist country.

The projection (not to mention hypocrisy) from these lefties who can't handle even a little bit of dissent thrown their way is palpable. We the People are fed up. We are tired of being told what to do by politicians who refuse to live by the same rules.

"This latest Dem hysteria over the scariness of tea partiers is just beneath contempt. Obviously nobody should do anything illegal, but, heck, you trample on people's basic rights in an area of intimate concern to them and put the financial survival of the nation at risk, and everybody is supposed to just lie down and be all polite about it? What a bunch of cry-babies. But dangerous crybabies. They're making omelettes like crazy, breaking eggs by the gross, and when one of them squeaks, "I'm a little chick, please don't hurt me!" it's all, the right wing terrorists are on the loose! Transparent, contemptible political theater and utter cluelessness about, you know, freedom. People, as in the People, have every right to be angry, furious, shocked, appalled and disgusted by what Congress and our ambitious young prince have done."

I'm planning to take my little baby boy who turns 6 months old today, to a "mob rally" tomorrow morning at the state capital (organized by Americans for Prosperity). Somehow I'm really not stressed about it and think he'll actually enjoy it a lot. Of course, he won't get all the interesting puppet shows to watch like he would at a lefty rally. But it'll still be fun.

I'll be sure to bring my camera to photograph those angry, threatening mobs.

Pretty scary and threatening looking aren't we. :) Well, Marshal might puke on you but that's the extent of our violent potential.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Giveaway Time

I think that title could be read a couple of different ways, some worse than others, but this isn't the government trying to give away my money...this is me giving away some beautiful jewelry (and it's not even my own jewelry!).

Head on over to my jewelry blog, Casto Creations Jewelry, and see how you can enter to win a stunning completely handmade copper necklace, earrings, bracelet, and ring in a gorgeous handcrafted jewelry pouch made by my good friend Dana of Dana's Jewelry Designs. She's so talented! I wish I had half her talent...though instead of trying to pull her down and suppress her gifts I want to help build her up even higher. Sure, she's 'technically' competition but competition is good for us!

And at least this giveaway is completely voluntary. =)

Monday, March 22, 2010

We Are Screwed

I'm beyond pissed. I'm livid. And I'm sick to my stomach.

Passed through trickery, back room deals, bribes, and I'm sure some outright threats...this bill does NOTHING - not ONE DAMN THING - to make our health care system better or more efficient and effective. NOTHING!!!!

So those of you who think this is some great new government Utopian program are crazier than I am. I am TRULY afraid of the consequences of this monstrosity. Will my medications be "approved" by some bureaucratic board somewhere in DC? And if not, what the hell am I supposed to do? Because my current health insurance will probably be completely destroyed and run out of business by government meddling and chicanery. And it's not a cheap medication. But if the government deems it too expensive, and my life not worth enough to save, then I'm screwed.

My son will be screwed if he happens to inherit my lousy genes. But he's going to be screwed regardless because the government wants him to be their slave. Any hard work he does will be punished. He will be encouraged to be a slug and leach off the government instead of working hard to succeed on his own. And how in the world do we as parents counter this message of "the government will take care of you"? Why should he bother to work hard? His salary would just be confiscated to pay for entitlement programs.

Then again, if enough people fall into the entitlement trap we will all collapse financially. It's just so depressing I can hardly stand it.

Do politicians just immediately lose their sanity when they are "hired" by us? Or is it just that the people doing the hiring don't care and fall for the bribes promises of said politicians? *sigh* There is no logic to this piece of crap.

Screw listening to the people. The majority of Americans do NOT want this piece of crap monstrosity of government intrusion.

I don't even want to think about it anymore. I have actual, you know, WORK to do. Not that the Democrats would know anything about a hard days work. Bastards.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What it Really Looks Like...

Some people seem to think that, while government can't efficiently run our postal service or departments of licensing, they can somehow provide us with "universal" health care coverage that is better than the private sector can provide. I think these people are delusion ... they probably think films like Sicko are actual documentaries, as opposed to the leftist commie propaganda they truly are.

The Cuban dissident, Dr. Ferrer, who took this footage risked his life and is currently in jail not far from Gitmo, but in slightly different conditions. Gitmo would be a resort for this poor man.

"The Castroite propaganda in Sicko so outraged people cursed by fate to live in Castro's fiefdom that they risked their lives by using hidden cameras to film conditions in genuine Cuban hospitals, hoping they could alert the world to Moore's swinishness as a propaganda operative for a Stalinist regime.

At enormous risk, two hours of shocking, often revolting, footage was obtained with tiny hidden cameras and smuggled out of Cuba to Cuban-exile George Utset, who runs the superb and revelatory website The Real Cuba. The man who assumed most of the risk during the filming and smuggling was Cuban dissident -- a medical doctor himself – Dr. Darsi Ferrer, who was also willing to talk on camera, narrating much of the video's revelations. Dr Ferrer worked in these genuinely Cuban hospitals daily, witnessing the truth. More importantly, he wasn't cowed from revealing this truth to America and the world. (A recent samizdat reports that the black Dr. Ferrer is currently languishing in a Cuban prison cell --not far from Gitmo, by the way-- undergoing frequent beatings."

The system in Cuba's communist utopia is a nightmare for the regular people. Yet, our 'betters' want to model a U.S. system based on the supposedly "fair" system in places like Cuba, Canada, and the UK.

Is this the future for America under Obama Care?

There are MUCH worse photos of actual conditions in Cuba at The Real Cuba website.

Even in the U.K., an obviously much freer and not evil society, conditions in the socialist run health care system approach nightmare stage (patients having to have family members clean their rooms, bring them water, and even a man dying from dehydration in the hospital!).

Our system is far from perfect, but it is Utopia in comparison to Cuba. "Free" is never truly free. There are always costs and consequences.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Would you trust these people with your health insurance?

Photo stolen borrowed from Big Government. =)

I sure as hell don't. Nor do I trust them (or any other government...dem or rep) with my personal information. They already have more of it than I prefer.

We got our census form the other day and let's just say that I feel I met the minimum requirements as provided for in the constitution. The government now knows that we have three people in our house, the year each was born, and whether we are boys or girls. That's all they need. They don't need our phone number. They certainly don't need to know what "race" we are (I did answer...but I put down 'other' American).

My friend Marie said that technically I should have put "Human" as race because it is the only true 'race' ... all our definitions of race are actually ethnicity. But I think American works for my purposes.

We'll see if we get a government worker knocking on our door one day or if we get fined. I think this is one instance where I'd be tempted to fight it in court. The census purpose is to count the number of people...that's it.

Because, after all, what could go wrong with the government having our ethnicity or other information???

We're from the government and we're here to help.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We Just Don't Understand

Oh for Pity's sake...obviously the more things change, the more they stay the same. This video, posted by Instapundit, shows a congressman from way back in the 80s (I think I was 10 or 11 at this point) getting booed and chased by a crowd of angry seniors. Look familiar???

And that classic line, "they don't understand" what government is trying to do for them...

OH EM GEE!!! WTF?!?!?! These politicians really never change do they? They think we're all a bunch of ignorant schmucks who should just shut up and let the government run our lives. Get out of their way, because they know better.

I've never cursed so much as I have in this last year...and so much of the cursing has been at politicians.

Meeting with the director for my new job, he said that the health care bill would actually be good for Aflac. But I don't care. I'd rather stick with what we have now and sell from that perspective than ruin the entire economic system but benefit my new industry. Keep the government out of my health care!!!!

[P.S. HOLY COW...just heard on the radio that Walgreens will no longer fill Medicaid prescriptions starting in April...see how great "free" health care is!]

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So Who Wants To Buy Some Insurance?


I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot tell you how excited and relieved I am. While I realize that my hard work isn't over, at least this horrible state exam process is over. When the guy was printing the results last night I thought I was going to throw up and I almost cried when he said "Good News". =)

Now I need to get fingerprinted and apply for my actual license ... and then start doing training with Aflac. WOOHOO! AFLAAAACCCCC!!!!! I'm really good at imitating the Duck.

My last day with my current company is April 23, though I admit my brain has already left. :) As soon as they hire my replacement I'll start training them. HR is agonizingly slow. They have a candidate who they want me to meet with and I was supposed to get a meeting request for today or tomorrow and so far nothing. I wish they'd hurry up. I'm ready to move on!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Will Not Sue

Today is a hilarious day. I come in to work and find out that a pipe burst in the floor above us and our entire network for our floor is destroyed. I can't help but laugh.

So I've squatted in someone else's cube on a different floor (above the water damage line) and it's really strange and totally throwing me off my schedule. The "Business Continuity" emergency backup plans did not kick in as they should have and our entire department is pretty much scattered, but happily most folks are doing pretty well in dealing. I am not.
I hate anything that throws my routine off. I may just take the afternoon off to study since I have the second attempt at my exam tonight.

Anyway...on my way to work this morning the radio host was talking about people suing Toyota because the resale value of their car has taken such a hit.

Are these people insane?!?!?!

A car is not an "investment" and there has never been any guarantee of "return" for reselling. No one said you were guaranteed to get a certain price. Sure the assumption is that Toyotas have a higher resale value, but that is not a definite.

I didn't buy my car so I could 'resell' it someday with an expectation of higher values. Why would I SUE just because the value might be perceived as lower???

People have issues. And greed is just one of them.

I am not going to sue...unless my car goes out of control. Then I might get worked up. But for now I will enjoy my Toyota Rav4...cracked windshield and all.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Halfway There...and Guns Are Scary

Well, I passed one of my exams (the Life one). I bombed the Disability exam though. *sigh* So I rescheduled and will take it again tomorrow night. I wish I could take some more time to study but I'll just study during lunch and after work tonight. Hopefully that'll get me there.

On another note...a conversation at work today has me a bit peeved. I know the views of a couple of my coworkers on the "gun" issue but it still infuriates me that they are such wimps. The sight of a gun makes them want to pee their pants apparently.

I was talking about how this state is an open carry state and I'd be glad to see people displaying their firearms. "What's the point?" was the response. And I said, the point is that it is our right to do it. Yeah, that went over like a lead balloon.

One coworker said she was glad that our company didn't allow guns on campus ... to which I of course responded that it's a shooting gallery for someone who does not care what the rules are. Just like the teacher who was shot last week on a GUN FREE campus. could some one get shot on a GUN FREE campus? That makes just no sense.

Except that the bad guys do not care one bit what some rule says about carrying a gun. It just makes it that much easier to take out their targets...since their targets can't fight back. If she'd been allowed to carry a gun she might still be alive today.

My goal this year is to get my concealed carry permit and buy my very first gun...I'd really like a pink one, but I'll take function over fashion. =) I will want a pretty holster though.

Because when I start selling Aflac (so close...) and going to locations that I'm unfamiliar with (or even where I am familiar) I want to be able to protect myself.

Because when you need the police in seconds they are mere minutes away. I am the only one who can be responsible for my own safety when my husband isn't with me (he even carries to church!).

I know I won't change their minds. I know that my one coworker would never let her kids come over to our house because we have guns. Whatever. They're probably safer at our house than at their own home. If a criminal is intent on doing harm, they'll be a lot more successful at her home where she'll call the police and then wait while the bad guys do their worst. At my home, the police will get clean up the body of anyone who tries to do me or my family harm.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Head Is Going to Explode

I have SOOOO much stuff that I want to write here but my mind needs to be focused on studying. My exam for my Insurance license has been scheduled for this Friday.


I am absolutely terrified. And the odds of me getting any studying time this week are nil. Hubby is working nights during the week now (which is good because we'll get weekends together again, but bad because it's just me and the boy during the week) and the boy doesn't encourage focusing on anything other than him at night.

So, if posting seemed light the last few will be even more so this week. Even though I have several posts started (there's just so much going on out there) I must restrain myself and focus like a laser beam (as my favorite Talk Show host says) on cramming as much information into my head as I possibly can.

Wish me luck!!!