Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yes They Deserve to Die and I Hope They Burn in Hell!

I'm not sure what movie that's from but I'm pretty sure it was Samuel L Jackson who said it. And right now it applies to the ass who murdered four of our brave law enforcement community.

God Bless the Seattle officer who took him out this morning.

And those who were helping this bastard evade capture need to rot in a jail cell for many years to come.


Anna said...

It was Samuel L. Jackson and it was in "A Time To Kill". I knew I recognized it! I completely agree with you. Thank you and your husband for his service to the community! I have great respect for the police, firefighters and military...they keep us safe!

CastoCreations said...

Thanks Anna...I knew it was something like that. Great movie. And a great actor. I can hear that line in my head. :)

We both appreciate your respect and good wishes!!! =)

Anonymous said...

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