Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clearly, We Need a New Law

I mean, if people screw something up it's up to the government to fix it right?

So, if the government screws up they clearly need to create more laws to govern themselves. Right?

The best line from this article?

"When a mistake happens, "It doesn't hurt them, but it doesn't help them. What they want is what they're there for,""

Really? It doesn't hurt them?!?! Injecting someone with Insulin instead of the H1N1 vaccine could very well hurt them. What if they're diabetic and already have a slightly low blood sugar?!? What if they don't KNOW that they are diabetic or borderline?

Good grief, what a stupid statement. Insulin isn't just sugar water. I had to give myself shots for several months while I was pregnant and it most certainly is a big deal.

Maybe school nurses shouldn't be in charge of administering vaccines. But then again, a Dr's office is just as likely to screw things up. My Dr's Office gave me an expired vaccine several years ago. And if I'd been upset enough I could have changed doctors.

But don't worry...these types of mistakes won't ever happen when government is in control of ALL health care. And if they can always switch to ... oh wait ...

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