Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Racial Victimization Causes Violence

If you constantly tell kids that they are victims, that they will never get ahead because of the color of their skin, that they are "owed" something from others because of the color of their skin ...

You will get kids who are messed up.

"Asian students say black students routinely pelt them with food, beat, punch and kick them in school hallways and bathrooms, and hurl racial epithets like "Hey, Chinese!" and "Yo, Dragon Ball!""

Blacks are not the only race in the world who have been oppressed in the past. Schools teach about slavery to a fault. But they don't seem to teach about other incidents of slavery in other countries (some still ongoing), or about the horrible treatment of other races even here in America (Chinese, Japanese, Irish, etc.).

Would this behavior be tolerated in any way shape or form if the assaulting students were white? No WAY. There would be none of these wimpy protestations that the school district is doing all it can. There would be immediate expulsion of students and loud protests by the offended parties.

"Ackerman apologized to the students but was criticized for bringing a busload of black "student ambassadors" to one hearing , students who were not involved in the strife. She also stirred tensions when she complained that the cultural crisis was "taking up a lot of my time.""

I also think that if the ones being beaten up were white we wouldn't even hear this much about it.

More details are sure to come out and I'm sure there are "guilty" parties on both sides (as my mom says, it takes two to tango) but those responsible for the bullying need to be severely punished and removed from the school to allow those who want to learn to do so safely. I really can't imagine being scared at school.

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