Friday, December 12, 2008

Things That Suck

My dog, Timber, bit me last night.

Totally my fault! But damn it ... it hurts like hell. Tried five different times to get ahold of Hubby. I didn't have the dispatch phone number so I just kept trying his cell phone. Finally ended up calling my MIL who said "I'm on my way" ... because I was of course sobbing uncontrollably.

She arrived and proceeded to clean the wounds ... a puncture on my palm and on the top of my hand. Fatty tissues poking out. Extremely gross.

Hubby arrived a few minutes later...lights blazing and sirens on. LOL It's fun to have a cop hubby. And I'm thankful that his sergeant let him come home...and stay home. I was not well and he is a great caretaker.

It's not a huge bite but boy is it painful. This morning at work I was washing it up and changing the bandages (we have awesome first aid kits here) and I started feeling nauseous and faint...clammy but sweating. I was in the kitchen, laid my head down on the counter, and didn't even have enough energy to call for one of my coworkers. Finally I stumbled out of the kitchen into one of the nearby cubes into a chair and sat for about 5 minutes before the feeling passed. I'm still a little nauseous.

It hurts to type! Do you realize how much you move the top part of your hand when you type? It's amazing.

The good news...even after he bit me I did not let him up because I AM the alpha bitch! I grabbed a sweater and threw it over his head and forced him down and laid on him (sobbing the whole time) until he relaxed. I kick ass. I know. But my sweater is all bloody now. Sheesh.

I'm not mad at him. He's still my sweet boy and it really was my fault...bad situation all around. I'll be writing about what exactly happened later on my other blog, Home Zookeeper.

Hopefully the wounds heal up quickly...hubby and I are planning to paint the living room this weekend. I have too much to do to be injured. It's really hard to hold a hammer or torch with a bum hand too.


pamibe said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that happened. Dog bites do hurt like heck and it sounds like he got you really good.

Hope you feel better physically and emotionally!

All in all I'd druther deal with the diarrhea on the rug that Bree gave me today. I can just throw out the rug. ;)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Yikes honey. I've never been bit by a dog, but I hear it's very painful. That puncture wound thing. Just take care of yourself.

I'm glad hubby came home and took care of you. I'll await your post on your other blog.

Try to have a great weekend. Big hug. :)

SpeakDog said...
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SpeakDog said...

SpeakDog said...
When my ex-husband and I first moved in together, it was him, his dog (a blond chow) and me.

Even though I had been around Khan ever since he was a puppy, he didn't appreciate being demoted from a house full of males into a house with a female.

One night, he peed on my pillow. I came home from work after a particularly crappy shift and found the evidence. I put him on the bed and told him "bad dog".

He snapped at me! I didn't even think... I just punched him right in the nose.

He ran downstairs, crying like a girl and stayed outside on the patio until the ex came home.

After that, he was the most loving, sweet, loyal and protective dog ever. I ended up with custody of him and our other dog when we got divorced.

I still miss that goofy dog. He passed a few years ago at the age of 14.

(Sorry for the long comment, but it seemed like an appropriate story....)

(Also sorry for the deleted first message... I forgot to mark the follow-up box)