Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Hard Work But Rewarding

I'd like to share two photos of my baby boy Trooper Bear at an agility practice.

This first one is Trooper doing the weave poles. It took a long time to get him to go through these on command and he still sometimes misses a pole. And I still have to work on getting him to go through them without me right next to him. See him looking up? He's looking at me, his mama, looking for direction. I'm so proud!

This second one cracks me up. He just started doing this ... laying down at the end of the "walk it" plank. He's supposed to go to the end, keep his back legs on the board and his front paws on the ground. He's so huge that his butt hangs off the edges. hahahaha

That's my boy!


SpeakDog said...

So cute! When I got my dog Sloane (my mascot for Speak, Dog!) I had dreams of joining a flyball team.

Unfortunately, turns out that Sloane get carsick. I found that out when I signed her up for obedience training.

So... long story short: Sloane only rides in the car when she has to. For obvious reasons.

My flyball dreams were dashed.

Maybe in my next life.

pamibe said...

How sweet! Looks like he really enjoys it, too. :)

CastoCreations said...

Ah, Speakdog...that is too bad. Trooper got car sick as a puppy but he grew out of it eventually. Thank goodness. He still gets very mellow when in the car, thank goodness. :)