Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Love This Weather!

My dogs always amuse me but they provide all kinds of additional joy in this weather!


Mmmm...this snow tastes yummy...just don't eat the yellow snow.

Does this new coat make me look fat? They say not to wear white after Labor day.

If I hold real still you can't see me.

I love having snow dogs. They just love this weather and have so much fun running, jumping, and chasing each other. . . or in Trooper's case just laying down in it.

Now if we can just hold on to our power this will be a wonderful little storm. Oh, and I am praying that no trees come down either. That does stress me out.

Hubby had an overtime shift scheduled an hour away tonight but he's already on his way home. Both stores closed or were closing early so there was no need for security. LOL I'll be glad to have him home tonight.


SpeakDog said...
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SpeakDog said...

My dogs love the snow, too. They are begging to go back outside, even though it is -3 degrees. (!)

Nuts, I tell ya. They're just plain nuts.