Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Maybe the Labor Unions Should Just STFU

Vallejo California is petitioning the courts to void the collective bargaining agreement that straps them with overwhelming pension promises. Of course, the unions are peeing their pants with worry.

"With the downturn in the housing market hammering revenues, Vallejo is asking the bankruptcy judge to void the collective-bargaining agreements that led to those salary and benefit arrangements. And the possibility of hard-fought union contracts going up in smoke has struck fear in the heart of labor groups.

The California Professional Firefighters union proclaims, "If allowed to stand, Vallejo's attack on its own employees would send shock waves throughout the labor movement." Gloster, the attorney representing Vallejo's firefighters and police officers, says..."
Maybe the unions should have thought about not biting the hand that feeds them by strapping them with outrageous benefit payments.

We had a bit to do with Boeing here a little while ago. Instead of thanking God that they have jobs, the union was bitching and moaning about their health care. Good gravy. Their 40 something day strike put Boeing more behind on orders and caused serious damage to the company. Do they not see the counterproductive nature of their actions!!??

I honestly just do not get it. I'm just thankful to still have a job (for now).


SpeakDog said...

Labor Unions make me want to poke at their eyes with sharp sticks. How can people be so fucking stupid that they are willing to bleed the life out of their own livelihood? What is so hard to understand about "if we steal every drop of profit from the company and make them non-competitive, the company will no longer exist and we will be screwed?"

Ugh. It makes my head ache.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Yep, and they aren't going to give up anything. Greedy bunch they are. Have a great day. :)