Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Safe and Swift

That was my prayer last night as I drove six hours round trip to pick up my little brother in Portland, OR. He was completely snowed and iced in and that, in combination with his extreme and debilitating anxiety, meant that either someone picked him up or he stayed there for Christmas. And I was having none of that.

I begged hubby to let me take our truck down, but he was reluctant. The weather wasn't exactly stellar and he was worried about my safety. He also doesn't really understand the whole paralyzing affect that anxiety has on someone. The thought of trying to dig out his car, with his not so great tires, and drive on sheets of ice did not inspire my brother to leave his apartment. Not to mention that he, once again, ran out of one of his medications and is trying to quit smoking. Sheesh. It's the tri-fecta.

My mom was just about heartbroken with the thought that brother wouldn't be here with us for Christmas. So I had her call hubby and guilt trip him into letting me go. Ha! He said it was a low blow, but it worked. I just wasn't able to convey the importance to him, or explain properly why brother couldn't get himself to a train or bus. Something I'd probably be able to do myself but I refuse to let my anxiety defeat me. I'm kind of bitchy that way. =)

So I loaded up Harry Potter into the CD player and headed out into the ice and show. Our area isn't exactly that great right now either with the weather but Portland is way worse. Parts of the freeway were still iced over and they were predicting more ice and snow last night. The "main" roads of Portland are a nightmare. Just THICK with ice and ruts and people sliding everywhere. Cars were buried past their tire and had a foot plus of snow on top...even the SUVs.

God Bless our Ford F150 King Ranch. I love that truck. It kicked so much ass last night I actually had FUN driving in all the crap.

Finally made it home around ten and headed to bed since this morning it was all about wrapping gifts.

But our family will be together today and tomorrow and that is what matters. I made it safely and swiftly. I hope we have an equally safe and swift trip to my aunt's this afternoon for our annual Christmas Eve dinner. We're having Brisket. Hmmmmm.....Yummy!

A very Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. Much love!!! =)


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Good for you. I would have done the same thing. I think!

You and yours have a very Merry Christmas. :)

pamibe said...

Yay! You saved Christmas! Hope you all have a happy, joyful holiday. :)