Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not All is Lost

There are truly angels among us.

My company sponsors families every year for the Christmas season...usually through the Salvation Army. Every floor (we have 12 floors) sort of does their own thing and our floor decided to adopt two families through two different organizations.

We didn't expect a lot. We know the economy blows and that our company is talking about layoffs. We were hoping to get the basics covered at the very least. And hoping for a few special treats if possible.

Some of the "dream gifts" from the families include a Nintendo DS and Wii system. Which are huge and we had no thought of actually purchasing.

Just a few minutes ago I ran into one of our associates in the kitchen and he asked us to calculate how much it would cost to get the rest of the items and let him know. He's going to write a check or get us cash for the amount.

*tears in my eyes*

With everything going on ... as hard as our particular environment is ... people are pulling together to provide for others. I know how generous our company is and how wonderful the people here are but sometimes I forget.

I can't wait to play Santa and deliver all the gifts to "my" assigned organization. They're always overwhelmed when I pull up with my full car. It's SO freaking rewarding.

I love this time of year. =)


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Way cool. We go shopping tomorrow for the same reason. Our yacht club does a toy drive every year. We aren't this good, but we do mighty fine.

Have a great day. :)

CastoCreations said...

We weren't expecting this much generosity this year. That's for sure. =) These kids are going to be in heaven!