Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Big Hairy Ones

I watched in awe yesterday as Governor Blago appointed Roland Burris, some 70+ year old, requisite black guy to The One's Senate seat.

My first thought was - that's ballsy.

Here the guy is under investigation, basically for fraud, although I'm not sure of the exact charge. Selling a senate seat I guess isn't that big a deal in politics, eh?

And yet, despite this black cloud (oops, is that racist?) hanging over his head, he is refusing to bow out gracefully and continues to perform his duties as governor. If this were a Republican governor do you think this would be a bigger issue?

I am not saying that the media is giving him a totally free pass...I'm glad that they aren't. But I do think if he were GOP the calls for his head would be bellowed near and far.

Regardless, no matter his party, he's certainly acting as though the issue should not taint his actions now.

And the guy who got up to speak, basically interrupting the press conference by Blago and Burris, is a complete idiot. Apparently a former Black Panther, Bobby Rush thinks that to not appoint another black man into the One's spot is the height of racism.

"I would ask you to not hang or lynch the appointee as you try to castigate the appointer. Roland Burris is worthy," Rush said.

Ouch. Okay, race card played. Well done. Next?

If Harry Reid and the Congress don't allow Burris ... then what? They'll be labeled racists obviously. But what is the legal standing for this?

I'm truly astounded by Blago's big hairy ones. He certainly isn't backing down and I think he's causing quite a debacle for the Democratic party. Which I of course find hilarious. But it's also quite pathetic and sad.

Does it say anything at all that this is the environment "The One" comes from?

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pamibe said...

Unfortunately it says everything about the environment the One has sprung from.


Can you believe... he'll be our President soon...? Sometimes I think I'm waking up from a nightmare and none of it is true....

OH, and happy 2009! LOL!