Friday, December 12, 2008

Great Music, New Artists

If you've listened to Hugh Hewitt in the last few weeks you may have heard about his new project called

Now, if you're a music junkie, or know a music junkie, this is a great site. For me, I am not a musician and I don't obsess about music, but it's still pretty cool.

And one of the songs that Hugh has been playing lately completely grabbed me and makes me want to download it to my iPod (which for now is almost all Harry Potter on book and games).

Lullaby written and sung by Rebecca Elliott was a commissioned song in honor of the orphans in the Ukraine, where there is no word for "hope" (the good kind of hope, not the fake kind of hope-change we've been hearing so much about). I'm from the Ukraine and I'd LOVE to adopt a baby from there. *sigh*

The song gives me goose bumps.

So if you know an artist, have them head over to to upload their music (must be original and artist must own the copy right). Regular everyday folks log in and listen and vote for their favorites. Hugh plays the week's number one voted album on Fridays. There have been some really great ones so far.

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