Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rewriting History

Because all the cool Commies are doing it.

Unfortunately for them, the internet has eyes and ears everywhere.

But no...there's no connection whatsoever.

In reality, I'm SURE that the One talked, or had his minions talk, to the gov'nr about his senate seat. It makes sense and is only logical. He's going to be president and he has a vested interest in who replaces him. That doesn't bother me.

You know the expression, It's not the's the Cover up? That's the feeling I get here. In not being completely honest and up front about the whole thing he hedges and gives "nuanced" answers that skirt the truth. This would NOT be such an issue if he just said " staff had been talking to the governor about my senate seat but they were in no way offering any compensation" or something along those lines.

Now he just looks even sleazier (if that's possible).

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I think most of them are crooks. It's only the elite that get in the running for anything in politics. They are all in it for themselves. Crooks most of them. :)

pamibe said...

Of course he's involved; the fact that they're trying to remove him as far as possible from the fray and insert Rahm is hilarious to me.

'The buck stops here'? PUleeze! He can't even admit to talking about his old Senate seat with the ex-bookie!! LOL!