Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hands Out or Up?

Either I can beg for money or I can raise my hands as they force me to give up my tax dollars to bail out the beggars. It all makes me slightly ill.

Look at this chart I found when surfing Entrecards.

I'm really glad that Creative Voltage included their website on this graph or I'd never have found their blog, which rocks by the way.

Now, I haven't analyzed the numbers so I make no claim as to its accuracy, but doesn't it scare the shit out of you? I mean, seriously. What good is the bailout going to give us? It's not an investment. It's a boondoggle. =(

1 comment:

pamibe said...

I read that we are now officially bankrupt.

And you know who can call in their markers, right? China.

It's terrifying.