Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's With the Drama?

Don't these people KNOW that they suck? Just because they make it in to see the judges does not mean they have good voices. Haven't they watched the show before? Some losers have to get through to entertain us!

I'm watching the DVR'd American Idol from the first night. Hubby and I love the first few shows. Sometimes it's painful ... but seriously. Don't these people have friends, or at least enemies, who can tell them the truth???

There are some seriously deluded people out there - or people who just want to get on TV no matter what. I'm sure that's part of it but there really are some people who are without a clue.

Hubby appreciates the bikini girl though.

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pamibe said...

The first few shows are hilarious, but I don't even watch those because they can become painful... too many people just KNOW how wonderful they are and when given a million to one shot and fail... have temper tantrums. Can't take the tantrums.