Friday, January 9, 2009

And People Think She's Stupid?

I really still don't get the whole "Sarah Palin is an Idiot" meme that the mainstream media and liberals (and even some conservatives) hold to even today. It's clear that she knows what she is doing and she is a smart and strong woman.

I really like this interview with her. She continues to have my support - I won't hero worship her like "The One's" followers - but I like her snark and style. My hope is that she makes it to Washington (maybe a Jindal / Palin administration) and can work to shrink government. Less government IS the answer!

The comments regarding this video are astounding as well. Wade in if you dare!


SpeakDog said...

I like Sarah, too. And while I do like her style, I think that she would be better served in the long rung to drop this thing about how unfair the media was (and still is).

Obviously, the media was overwhelmingly against her from day one. But for her to continue to comment on it now comes across as a little whingey to me. She needs to win over people who don't *already* love her, and it makes it harder for them to take her seriously.

She should stick with issues and be charming. She should take the high road and let this petty hatefulness roll off of her back. I mean, I'm the first one to call Obambi a spoiled brat when he starts that victim shit.

I do still love her, though. She's a woman that girls can *actually* look up to. She has a successful family and a successful career, and she got both of them by applying herself and working hard, not waiting around for someone to hand it over to her because she's a woman. And this media stuff kind of diminishes that a little.

Just me, though.

pamibe said...

Jana, I don't appreciate whining, either, but this is taken from an interview for a documentary about media... so I let this one pass... ;)

I like her as far as her politics go, since I really know little of her personally. Like Bobby Jindal, too. Hopefully we can find a conservative that will run in 2010!!