Friday, January 2, 2009

Ignorance Combined with Arrogance and Hatred

It truly does amaze me that anyone can blame Israel for the current crisis in Gaza. Stuns and amazes. What frightens me even more is that there are teachers out there, teaching our children in schools across the nation, who think that Che was a freedom fighter and that America is the evil empire - that the world will never be Utopia until Israel and America are socialist or communist countries.

I watched this video on YouTube and waded into the comments ... first mistake. My jaw dropped a lot. First, of course, from the hideous behavior of the pro Palestine protesters - including the classy lady yelling that the pro Israel side needed to get into the ovens. Nice.

The assertion of some of the comments from the YouTube video is that Israel is evil and if they could they will slaughter every so called Palestinian. There are words like Holocaust and genocide thrown at Israel with what appears to be no hint of irony.

"the Israelis with their blockade starved the population of food, medication, power for hospitals and supplies all these years. now they have bombed the tunnels to Egypt restricting food and supplies.

children and innocents are dying everyday of Israeli bombs...

they have made villans out the palastinans, they brainwash americans.

the world is watching helplessly as this evil is taking place."

Yeah...I'm the brainwashed one.

I remember all the stories of Nazi Germans giving the Jews plenty of warning to get out of their homes before being rounded up into trains and hauled to the gas chambers. Yet the Israelis are calling ENEMY combatants in Gaza to tell them to get the hell out before the bombs come. Should they even bother? It doesn't seem to matter what they do - Israel will be blamed for everything regardless. Even as they pause their bombing campaign to send in humanitarian aid.
"Israel is so scrupulous about civilian life that, risking the element of surprise, it contacts enemy noncombatants in advance to warn them of approaching danger."
Any argument that Israel is in the right is shouted down and called propaganda on behalf of the Zionists.

You know there never was an ancient independent country of Palestine right? The Romans named part of the land under their empire Palestine in an attempt to get rid of the independent Jewish state. It was never an independent state with leadership or governance. Medved does an excellent job going over the entire history of this conflict and I highly recommend his CD series. He goes through the history of so called "Palestine" and how it did not existed historically until the partition created by the British - it isn't even mentioned in the Koran! Those who lived in this area were simply called Arabs and were part of whichever government was in charge at the time...Rome, Syria, Turkey, etc.

Before Israel was officially created there were Jews working the land, purchasing (at a fair and then some price) desolate land from owners who were glad to get rid of it (many who were absent land owners). It's not like there was a Jewish Army in the late 1800s into the early 1900s. How were they supposedly to kick off the Palestinians off their land exactly? There was no theft of land. Much of the land they purchased as unused, uncultivated swamp land, with few inhabitants if any.

King Abdullah even wrote in his private diary about how the Arabs SOLD their land, that it was not stolen. The Turks at the time initially liked the fact that the Jews were buying up the arid land. They were creating a higher standard of living for the area - and improved the health of both the Jews and the Muslim arabs. Between 1925 and 1945, the infant mortality rate for Muslims in the area went down by half! In 1926 the life expectancy for arabs in the area was 37 years ... by 1945 it was up to 49 years! Damn those Jews!

History repeats itself ... the Jews do the right thing and are blamed and castigated. They have had nothing but misery and death heeped upon them by their surrounding neighbors. And yet they are to blame. Attacked in 1948 by Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Trans Jordan, and Lybia all at one time during the war for independence, even while they had no real organized military, Israel lost a lot in lives (as well as half of Jerusalem) but in the end they won against all odds and even increased the lines of the country.

But they have never truly lived in peace and probably won't ever. As long as I live, though, I will speak out against those who hate and try to deny the true history of Israel and the Jews.

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Preach it sister, I'm with you on this one. I'm so with you.

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