Thursday, January 1, 2009

End of a Chocolate Era

I od'd on chocolate last night. *sniff* I'm not craving anything right now, but my cravings usually start in the late afternoon and evening.

But I really do want to eat better this year. Fewer frozen meals for dinner. More veggies and fruit. Eventually less soda. Dr Pepper is really bad for your teeth. :)

For now, the dogs are all sleeping. Hubby is sleeping. I'm watching TV and will probably play some video games. It's raining and windy. The perfect day to stay inside with the fire blazing. But no hot cocoa. =)

Happy 2009!


SpeakDog said...

My cravings start at night. After everyone is asleep, and my anxiety attacks set in. Very difficult to fight "panic eating"...

I lost lots of weight last year on South Beach. It's a reasonable way of eating, not a "diet" like Atkins. My friend is a nutritionist, and she recommended it for me.

I am starting back up again on Monday... kind of had a little backsliding during the holidays... oops!

And, you can have my Diet Dr. Pepper when you pry it from my cold, dead hands! (A girl's gotta have a little treat!)

CastoCreations said...

LOL Yes, panic eating is a tough fight. One I know well.

My problem ... I'm not drinking DIET dr p. It's the good ol regular kind. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And need to get off it soon. Besides the calories and sugar it is ridiculously expensive.

SpeakDog said...

Not to sound like a commercial or anything, but I think Diet DP tastes just like regular DP. Which is not something I can say about Diet Coke. God, I don't know how people drink that swill.

good luck with your resolutions. I'm lame and never really make any. Just take it as it comes...