Saturday, January 3, 2009

Help Prevent More Nanny State-ism

Please head on over to my other blog to read more about the over reaching and badly thought out new law that requires testing of all items intended for children under 12.

I can't imagine that the government will actually change the law but I can always pray and do my best to spread the word.

I've written a letter to my local news paper, sent e-mails to my congress folks, and sent my comments to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

You can find out more about how this law affects small and independent businesses at the Save Handmade Toys website or their Facebook page.

This law really is government overreach to solve a problem created by greed - large manufacturers who just didn't care and didn't bother making sure their products were safe. It is an overreaction and an overreach into our lives - all in the name of "the children" and making us safer. No thought about how it affects our economy or the livelihood of thousands of Indie people like me who sell on Etsy. First they came for the children's toys and clothing ... what's next?

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