Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Government Should Do Something


I love my job but sometimes I wonder about the people I work with. They aren't stupid, but when I hear statements like "The government should do something" they should sound like morons.

And then I'm called negative when I remark that the government will only make it worse.

The only thing the "government" can do to "help" is to cut taxes and get out of the way. All this so called "stimulus" spending isn't going to create jobs and it isn't going to help anyone. It's going to create more dependence and suckling on the teats of government welfare. It's going to create more federal interference in state issues (did you hear that the state of Illinois won't get any assistance if Blago is still governor???). It's going to help the grass grow.

Not a single private sector job will be created by this massive pork laden spending bill. Pet projects and payoffs to lobbies are there, but no real help for private businesses or individuals.

What did people expect when they elected our new Socialist in Chief?

This bill is worse than FDR's spending. At least the New Deal built roads and planted trees. Of course it paid artists to paint and write too, but it also got things done. This bill does NOTHING. Except take our money and redistribute it to those on the government dole and create an even larger deficit for our children and grandchildren.

It was really nice to have two full days off and away from the news this last weekend. I was much happier. :)


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Government is not the answer. It's never been the answer. People in hard times expect the government to make everything better. I don't like big government. At. All.

Have a great day honey. Big hug. :)

pamibe said...

I went to a party about 6 months ago... every time some issue came up, this one guy said: "the government should do something". Didn't matter what it was.

Complete and utter moron.

Jennifer said...

I consider myself an open minded person but I'm probably on the other side of the table on some of this. I'm not an extremist-just a middle of the road/middle class/sahm trying to care for the family. I do believe there is a place for government...even big government. I'll be the first to admit-I don't have the answers that's why I don't run for office. My response to those who vehemently complain about our country & government (national, state, or local levels) is tell them to stand up and do something about it. Run for office, get involved, or find a place to let their voice be heard. As American's, we are guaranteed that right. Normally I get bug-eyed looks and they find someone else to talk to or another topic to discuss. Great topic-I love politics!

SpeakDog said...

The only goal of the Obama administration is to increase the number of people sucking from the government tit. Democrats know that if they hand out goodies to freeloaders, the freeloaders will vote for them. It's nothing more than building job security for themselves.