Thursday, January 15, 2009

They Really Think a Lot of Themselves Don't They?

Wow...I knew that our politicians were blowhards but watching the confirmation hearing for Eric Holder I see that they really feel like they are royalty.

Lots of "distinguished" and "great man" and "my friend" when discussing each other. Some retired Senator is babbling on about Holder's history.

They really must like the sound of their voice. I thought these hearings were to ask the nominee questions and discuss whether they should be confirmed. I swear I remember Bush's nominees being grilled. Or at least talking themselves instead of having someone else babble on - but I didn't pay that much attention either. Maybe they did. I'm sure it was just as much of a circus as this is.

It's all so formal and the boys sitting up at the big table look so important.

I'd rather watch American Idol.

[UPDATE] OMG I'm glad they are asking the important questions. Some old white guy just asked Holder if he'd beat Obama at basketball.

Thank GOD they are focusing on the questions that really matter to this country.


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pamibe said...

...and we're paying them for this. Makes one pause, doesn't it?