Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fox News - Useful Idiots

I get up this morning, flip on the news, and what do I see? A Fox news correspondent in the Gaza area ... with their cameras pointing at the Israeli tanks pulling into position.

Since when did it become okay to broadcast military actions to the enemy? Does Israel have any control over where the news crews set up?

Not that the bad guys in Gaza don't know that Israel is coming. But Fox's "exclusive video" I'm sure is giving them a little extra intel. Jeez. I know Israel gives advanced warning, but does Fox need to help?

I also was a little sick at the "poor Gaza" rhetoric spewing from the correspondent. Yeah, we know. War is hell. Hospitals are short staffed. Boo Hoo. Hamas purposely positions themselves in and around civilians - some of those civilians would probably love to leave but can't - but some of those civilians support and approve of Hamas' actions.

OH and interviewing Hamas/Palestinians. WTF?!? "Hamas is trying to defend its own" ... BARF! "Irael is killing our children." Good Lord. "Mass killings in the streets of Gaza." "What is being committed is a war crime." Yeah, right.

Would we have interviewed Nazis in WWII to get their view? I'm sure the German citizens would have had a lot of complaining to do about the allied bombing. And I'm sure that a German spokesperson would have said that all they want is peace.

War brings casualties. I've been watching Ken Burns' The War series ... last night I was bawling. I've gotten through three episodes. It's an incredible series and it does not pull any punches showing our bravery and our faults. War is truly hell. But war becomes necessary when an enemy is brutal, determined, and deadly.

The U.S. and allies did not allow the media to broadcast their positions in WWII. They did the right thing by carefully controlling the information that went out to the general population.

I guess Fox never heard the saying "Loose lips Sink ships."


SpeakDog said...

Stu and I were talking about this kind of thing yesterday. I think it's borderline treasonous to give information that enemies can find useful. Remember when Geraldo Dumbass drew that little "map" in the sand in Iraq. The one that gave away our position?

My head. It aches. I am so tired of idiots in my realm.

pamibe said...

I hate that kind of thing with a passion! And I clearly remember Geraldo's little faux pas, it so pissed me off!


CastoCreations said...

Ug...Geraldo is a total ass. What is WRONG with these morons? I don't see how it's good journalism to betray your own country or your allies. Morons. All of them. :(