Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Won't Drive in It

Seattle is apparently set to go forward with plans for our own version of the Big Dig.

We have a viaduct here that is crumbling. Queen Christine ran in 2004 claiming that replacing the viaduct was vital and people were in imminent danger.

Um...yeah, it still hasn't been replaced and there has been plenty of arguing over what to replace it with.

The powers that be have decided it wise to replace a large bridge, with 110,000 vehicles traveling on it daily, with a tunnel.

Let me just remind some of you about where Seattle sits ... on a massive fault line where we have been told for years to predict "the big one" with massive destruction. Oh, and did I mention that much of Seattle sits on built up "land" created directly on the tidelands. It's not exactly stable and we've been warned that it (the "land") could liquefy in a big earthquake.

Oh, and this tunnel will be underground - right next to Puget Sound. It will be TWO miles long with no way out except the other end. There will be no way for hazardous materials to travel except directly through downtown on I-5.

Imagine the nightmare any accident will create - for those stuck in traffic and those trying to help. I think I'd have a panic attack.

I think they made a movie about a scary tunnel. *sigh*

Somehow I doubt that the great planners of this boondoggle will stick within their estimated $4.5 BILLION budget or 6-7 year time line. I'm sure in 20 years we'll have *something* new.

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