Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If You Hide They Will Find You

Hamas has used the tactic of hiding behind civilians and civilian locations (schools, hospitals, mosques) for a long time now, and it has worked somewhat well. After all, if Israel hits a school, as they did today, Hamas can lament and their propoganda machines can send out angry press releases with the shocking news that Israel is killing children.

The reality is that Hamas was firing on Israel FROM the damn schools. The damn U.N. schools. I guess the U.N. workers were just turning their heads and not paying attention when the rockets were launched, eh?

Well, after all, the U.N. does provide transport for Hamas fighters. So nice of them.

I say good for Israel. We all know what Hamas is doing and that it is exactly for this kind of propaganda.

Did you know that Hamas gunmen gunned down so called "collaborators" - 35 people were killed on the off chance that they were cooperating with Israel or Fatah. These are such lovely people. But did we hear a word about it in the press? Of course not. [source: Michael Oren of Israel on the Michael Medved show today...he mentioned it was in the Israeli press but I haven't searched on it.]

When Hamas kills Palestineans it's not news worthy. When Israel defends itself and civilians are killed as a result, the Israelies are Nazis.

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pamibe said...

Yep. They don't care. They live like animals, fight like animals. No morality unless it has to do with killing a woman for lifting her freaking veil.