Friday, January 23, 2009

What a Ripoff

I meant to write about this last weekend.

A little warning light came on in my car last weekend - it was the tire pressure warning. So I swung into Les Schwab on Saturday before running my errands and asked if they could take a look.

While checking in the lady at the counter said there was a $35 fee for resetting the warning light.

*insert blank stare of incredulity here*

I actually laughed at her. Seriously!?! A fee for resetting a warning light? It takes TWO seconds at most.

So I said, well don't bother because I know how to reset it. She looked surprised and actually said "Really?"

What am I a moron?!? It's a button! You push it! It resets!

Is that not the biggest ripoff?!?

So I waited for an hour and hoped that they didn't need to replace one of the tires (because I knew if one was bad they had to actually replace all four...which pisses me off). The guy looking at it came back and said that all four tires were low so he filled them up and there's no charge.

He also said he didn't know how to reset the warning light.

bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

How funny is THAT?!?


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Sounds about right. Everyone is charging for anything and everything. Times are tough.

Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)

SLColman said...

Glad that there wasn't a charge and that it was only the tire pressure and not something much more costly!!