Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What if We All Worked for the Government?

So...Obama claims he's going to "create jobs" ... and quite a few of those seem to be government jobs.

I'm not against government jobs per say. I worked for the State and for a local City for a combined 4+ years. Were my jobs really necessary? Without a doubt NO. I was an intern for two years then worked as an assistant (working my way up to Office Assistant) and then moving to the City where I was an assistant to a director. I was SO bored.

And I saw a lot of people "working" at government jobs where their time could have been more productive in the private sector. It's very easy to get lazy working for the government.

If so many more people start working for the government, who is going to pay their salaries? The government doesn't generate taxes. It TAKES. It does not create. Unless you count creating bureaucracy. More rules, regulations, and taxes for businesses does not inspire greater creativity. So where will the new tax burden fall?

I was actually glad that my jewelry sales from last year had dropped in comparison to 2007. It meant that I got to send a smaller check to the government.

How many business people will decrease their productivity? How many will have no choice?

If we all work for the government where will our paychecks come from?


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

We will still have to pay taxes, so the answer is as it always is, the taxpayers will foot the bill.

Have a terrific day. :)

SpeakDog said...

We won't need money in the Golden Age of Obama.

He will provide our housing, health care, education, jobs and retirement funds.

CastoCreations said...

Oh yeah I forgot about The One. Where is my unicorn?

Sandee...the only way we could pay all the gov't salaries (if we all worked for said gov't) is to pay 100% taxes. It's circular. And impossible. lol

Mike said...

Well, if you don't like paying taxes, you should be delighted this year! Hopefully, you'll have next to no income!