Monday, March 16, 2009

Is it That Big a Deal?

AIG is still a private company aren't they? But they took government money so I guess it's their own fault that Congress and the White House have their panties in a twist over bonus payouts.

I think it's probably horrible PR to hand out major bonuses like this...but if it's contractual what are they supposed to do? Renege on those contracts? Wouldn't that be just as lame?

Yes, it's "my" money being given out...the taxpayers are funding these bonuses to people who screwed up their company. Why do they even DESERVE bonuses? I know that I wouldn't get a bonus if I'd screwed my job up that badly.

Right now I could care less what AIG is doing. My focus is on MY family and my company. My company isn't taking federal funds and if we fail, we fail. No one is going to prop us up.

Maybe the government should focus less on one company and more on the problems being caused by government meddling.

And the definition of Irony.


pamibe said...

I don't know, but if the bank made a loan to a company it wouldn't try to tell them how to spend it. Just seems too... controlling. We know this government wants to control business [hello, socialism!] but get a grip, O administration!

SpeakDog said...

Obama thinks the Government are the only ones who should get outrageous bonuses and ride around in private jets...

And, yeah, Pam... if they have contractual obligations, why *wouldn't* the money go to fulfilling those obligations? They didn't have any problem forcing that bank to pay the Union Contracts on that window company (or whatever it was) on the South Side of Chicago.

I guess only the evil rich are expected to sacrifice everything for the "greater good".

CastoCreations said...

Okay's not just me. I just keep reading and hearing about how outraged I'm supposed to be and I'm just not feeling it. :)

Salute said...

Is the richer going to continue get richer and poorer falls into poverty?

SpeakDog said...

Oh, and Meghan? The reason they all want you to be outraged about the bonuses is so that you won't focus on the fact that the government has no business giving AIG billions of dollars in the first place.

Governmental intrusion into the housing market put these companies into financial danger.

Furthermore, AIG is such a big concern to them because AIG insures their pensions. And the pensions of the teacher's union.

They don't want us to remember that part. They just want us to think that evil rich people are getting richer. It's all just bullshit class warfare.