Wednesday, March 11, 2009

RIP Mr Medved

Michael Medved's father died. :( He was 84 and Michael had just been to Israel celebrating his birthday last week.

He sounded like an amazing man. It brings tears to my eyes to hear Michael talk about him (as he did on his show today).

He had been battling Lymphoma for 14 years and lost the fight last night.

My dad died when I was 8...he was only 36 years old. It's never easy losing a parent, no matter what age they pass on.

It's interesting how people influence you in your life. I've never met Michael Medved but he has a huge impact on my life. He lives in Seattle and is an incredibly wise person (not that I *always* agree with him) who I love to listen to every single day.

It makes me very sad to hear that his father has passed, even as I hear about the great and amazing life he led.

Rest in Peace Mr. Medved.

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