Sunday, March 15, 2009

Living on a Budget Sucks

It's been a LONG time since I've gone to the grocery store with such a strict budget. It really sucks. I went over by about $5, which I'll transfer over from my checking account. I have a few more dollars left there from before we even started this.

Of course, I also bought a TON of food for only around $70 ish bucks. I saved over $90 at Albertsons with all their sales and my coupons. The guy behind me in line was impressed. :)

I bought some fish sauce, which was pretty expensive at $3.99. That was one of the most expensive things I bought. I want to make my own Pho beef noodle soup.

Tonight I'm making chicken noodle soup and will have left over chicken to make chicken quesadillas during the week. We're also going to make BBQ pulled pork with a frozen pork roast.

We will have plenty of food for the next week and a half and should have no need to eat out anywhere (which is good since we don't have any extra cash!).

I will say yesterday that when I went to the mall it was hard to believe we're in a recession. I could not find a parking space for several minutes. And even then it was quite a ways away. The place was packed. I sat around and people watched for awhile. Nearly everyone I saw had bags. I was surprised by the kids walking around with those build a bear boxes. And ladies with bags from Victoria Secret and Nordstroms.

The sandwich shop I had lunch at (I had a coupon!) was non stop busy and it was two o'clock....a bit past lunch time. All sorts of people coming through and buying food.

I was only at the mall to use a gift card so I didn't actually spend more than $7 of my own money while there.

We're working hard to save as much as we can. I should know more about my job in the next two or three weeks. Worst case, I lose my job but get a few months severance package and switch to hubby's insurance. It's hard to think about but it could be reality soon. Best case, I keep my job and go on to get two months of maternity leave in October/November...and my two month sabbatical next year.

I'm hoping but preparing.

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Yep, it sucks, but you are wise for doing this. Many are, but many are not. You have to be prepared and you are doing that wonderfully. I'm proud of you for being sensible.

Have a terrific day. :)