Tuesday, March 3, 2009

At Least McCain Gets It

I'm not a huge fan...but at least he's ranting against the insane Budget proposed by the Messiah.

Listening to a snippet on Hugh Hewitt's show today - McCain is pissed about all the Pork Barrel spending.

Pig Odor Research in Iowa...that'll increase employment! Astronomy in Hawaii...that's an important government concern.

Why do politicians think that we constituents WANT them to "bring home the pork"? I don't. I want them to stay the hell away.

$1.7M for a honeybee factory in Texas.

I love honey but is this really necessary for the FEDERAL government??!!??

So much for Obomessiah's promise to get rid of pork spending. So much for going line by line. One more lie on top of too many to count. I'm sure he went line by line and added more!

9,000 earmarks! MY money! Your money!

Boy did he go off on "the one." It's too bad he couldn't have had that energy throughout his campaign. *sigh*


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

It's time for the tree huggers, the welfare folks, the freeloaders. It's their time and we shall pay for it. Government will be bigger than ever. That's the plan.

We will so hate this next four years. :(

domesticgoddess said...

I really love that you love to hate the messiah! His voice and his face make me want to throw up.