Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day HotCouponWorld Wishlist Contest

Have I mentioned how much I love Hot Coupon World? I've been a member there now for over six months ... maybe even 8, I can't remember when I first signed up. I've saved hundreds of dollars, learned a ton about using coupons effectively, and made new virtual friends. I'm hoping they'll help me save money on baby things soon.

A new initiative that they are trying out is having bloggers post about upcoming events, announcements, and other things noteworthy for the site. I want you to know up front that they are offering small payments for each blog post written, but that I would never write about something unless I truly supported it (or wanted to mock it ... but that won't be the case here).

So...without anymore rambling...the very first post for HCW...


Five lucky winners will get a great gift of their choice, up to $50.

How do you enter?

Super easy ... first, you have to register for HotCouponWorld (unless you're already a member like me).

Second...go to the contest link in the forum and follow the instructions for finding and listing the items you would want if you won.

Third ... oh wait ... that's it. You're done!

Well, there is the fine print ---- Post must be made by February 13th at 12 midnight Pacific Time.

And because HCW just rocks - the item can be $50 and you don't have to worry about shipping because they will cover that too. So it can be $50 with shipping of $12 and you're golden.

So what would I pick as my item to win? Oh gosh, there's just so much! But since I'm already itching to buy baby stuff... *grin* ... I'd have these as my items to pick from.

Oooooo...I want this NOW.

My baby will be brand new for Halloween and I will insist on dressing them up ... I love elephants.

So go enter. =) Have fun!

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