Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Survey Sites That Pay

I love you may have figured out with all my DNeero surveys I post here. I just feel the need to give people my opinion...whether they want it or not. Which may explain this blog. =) But getting PAID to give my opinion? Well, that is just cream cheese frosting on my chocolate fudge cake.

It can be difficult to confirm which survey sites are legitimate and which are nothing but spam and address collecting scams. HotCouponWorld has gone and done a wonderful thing for all of us survey lovers by reviewing and posting 19 different legitimate survey programs that are legitimate, pay out as promised, have little to no spam, and are a good way to earn a little extra cash.

And just as a note...I did just get a $20+ payment from DNeero into my Paypal account. *Happy Dance* (Yes, it took me over 6 months ... but it was painless "work" for $20) So I know for a fact that these sites can and do generate some cash or pay out (I've also gotten free shampoo from another survey site in the past).

One suggestion...if you do sign up for survey programs, create a special e-mail address just for taking the surveys. This can help you keep track of your survey opportunities separately from your regular mail.

Happy Survey-ing.

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