Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saving More is Fun - Using Multiple Coupons

I love saving money on groceries. I have changed my grocery spending habits so much in the last 8-9 months it's amazing. Trips are much more planned out before I go to the store. Planning is a big piece, which is great since I love planning things.

A lot of people think that coupons aren't worth it ... you just save a few dollars and it's too much work, yada yada yada. But in reality, it doesn't take *that* much extra planning to save a lot on your grocery bill. I'm going to be losing a lot of my spare time in about 8 months but I don't want to stop saving money on our groceries. Especially since we'll need all the extra money we can get with our new little expense.

HotCouponWorld makes it extremely easy to hop online and see where you can save the most on your bill. Their coupon database has grown leaps and bounds in the last couple of months. All you have to do is type in the product you're looking for to see if it's there. It's a really great resource for me because I can rarely remember where coupons are...especially the online printable ones.

Most of the online printable coupons can be printed more than once, allowing you to benefit from using multiple coupons.

Other benefits:
  • mutiplies the savings for items you buy
  • lets you build a stockpile
  • lets you maximize store sales
  • keeps you from paying full price so that you can buy at the best possible price
And did you know that Target has printable coupons? (I love Target!) I had no idea until I joined HotCouponWorld. And the best thing is they don't put a limit on the number you can print (though I recommend just a few at a time). HCW keeps the Target coupons organized in one spot for easy printing. Even better, the Target coupons are store coupons...which means you can use manufacturer's coupons WITH them.

Looking for some V8 Juice? Target has a $0.50 off one coupon and then there $1 off of two coupons in the 1/18 Smart Source insert. (by the way ... don't throw your inserts out ... I buy at least one paper, usually more, and store my inserts by date so I can cut out the coupon I need later).

So, instead of *just* saving $0.50 with the Target coupon, or just $1 off of two with the manufacturer coupon...combine them and save $2 on two bottles of juice. Do this when they are on sale and you can really save a bundle. $2 isn't chump change...that's almost a gallon of gas (our gas is now over $2/gallon again).

By combining store and manufacturer coupons with sale items I've gotten lots of free items, as well as made money on products!

Oh, and did I mention that HotCouponWorld even has people who scan the ads of places like Target, and then people post all the deals they find!?! I occassionally find deals and post them, but most of the time I don't spot what the experts find. It's wonderful to be able to see what the best deals really are. Check out this week's Target ad deal discussion.

I'm rambling I think ... but hopefully you get my point. HCW has so many helpful things for you to use to save money - they even have a special page of resources.

I hope you can save money with coupons like me. ;)

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