Monday, February 2, 2009

Fighting On Our Shores

Once again we see militant Hamas supporters in full public view spouting their hatred and evil. It could be Gaza ... but it isn't. It's Minnesota.

Of course they don't understand why Rep Ellison doesn't want to condemn anyone...they call out "Why not?" Because they only want to hate and wish for the death of all the Jews. They make themselves look like the animals they are. The Hamas "leader" at this rally has no respect for words - only militant bullying and violence.

Clearly there are Muslims out there who WANT to work and be more moderate. The Fatah leader made me happy when he tried to stop them burning the Israeli flag. They don't want to talk. Talking will only give Hamas time to recover and kill more.

I give Ellison full credit for trying to speak his mind against the Hamas militants. It is clear that while he is most certainly a liberal and probably against Israel in his own way, he wants to talk and try to accomplish something other than chanting and calling for death. Which of course earns him the title of coward by the Hamas supporters.

The one thing I will say ... if this was in Gaza I would bet dollars that Ellison would have been killed by the Hamas leader and his supporters. (In fact, the Hamas leader still had to be restrained from attacking the Fatah leader.) Being the United States the police stopped him before he got closer. Hamas is a terrorist organization. Why are they allowed to show public support for such an organization???

Were people allowed to show their support for the Nazi Germans during WWII? Would anyone dare throw a rally in support of Al Qaeda (not that the Hamas supporters *don't* support them)?

Thank you Power Line for sharing this video with us.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

More and more of them are coming from both sides. We just got a large Iraqi population recently. Mosque's are going up all over the place. Can you say religion of peace?

It's just peachy. :(

pamibe said...

Oh, crap.

Sorry. But this is happening more frequently since the election. Why do they feel they can push harder now? Ugh.