Friday, February 13, 2009

Luckiest Husband in the World

I'm too depressed to think about where our government is taking us and why the hand basket is so big.

So I'm going to make fun of Valentine's Day.

My husband is so freaking lucky. I hate Valentine's Day.

Well, maybe hate is too strong a word. What I hate is the commercialism surrounding it and the pressure put upon guys to buy things just to "prove" their love. Even little kids don't escape the faux celebration.

I remember loving putting together Valentine's Day cards for my classmates every year with those yummy chalk like heart candies. I always ended up feeling deflated when it was all over because we *had* to give cards to everyone so none of them were really all that special. How am I supposed to know if a certain boy likes me if all the boys are forced to give cards?

My hubby is not required to lift a finger for this "holiday". I don't want a card. I don't want any flowers. I don't want chocolate (especially since I haven't eaten any since December 31!). I have no desire to fight the masses by going out to eat.

Hubby is working an overtime shift this Valentine's Day...which is awesome and the perfect gift. He's earning money for us! =) That I can appreciate.

So have a great V-Day. I'll be home either watching a movie, making jewelry, or sleeping.

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