Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I watched two or three movies this weekend (no, I honestly can't remember! It could have been 4!).

Sunday night I finished up Iron Man...it really rocked. Who is the main actor? He was totally hot! lol But even better was the kicking ass of terrorists. Gotta love that. Of course there was an underlying "weapons are bad" theme that I didn't love, but really it required weapons to defeat the bad guy so that works for me.

Then Monday while I laid on the couch trying not to throw up I watched Failure to Launch. I LOVED IT!!! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Mcconaughey were great, but so were the actors who played his parents. Hilarious. I kept trying NOT to laugh because of my nausea but it was impossible. My favorite character was Sarah Jessica's roommate, Kit. And her eventual boyfriend (Matthew's friend) Ace. They had me rolling.

I have a feeling that I'll be watching quite a few movies in the next few months. At least until this damn nausea goes away.

Got any good recommendations? Hubby has completely ruined me for slow, meaningful movies. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a real "romance" movie. If there aren't things blowing up, or if I'm not laughing, I'm bored. I'm not watching most movies to "learn" or experience any sort of deep meaning. I am watching to escape and enjoy myself...nothing more. If I want to experience something more I watch documentaries. =)

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