Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saving Money with Organic Grocery Deals

I'm not a *huge* organic shopper. There are several items that I buy that are considered organic, including my milk. It lasts longer and tastes better.

Otherwise, I will only buy the organic products if I can find a good deal.

Luckily there is the Organic Grocery Deals forum.

The purpose of the forum is not to judge you for not being 100% granola crunching, gaia loving, green. The point is to help you find great deals on organic products in a friendly and non judgmental environment.

In addition to the deals you can find, the forum also includes information on gardening, eating in season, organic and natural product information, coupon trading, green living tips, book recommendations, organic news, and so much more.

I was able to find out about coupons available for my milk and have saved over $50 in the last six months. We drink a lot of milk.

Maybe you'll find something to help you save too!

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