Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Just Need to Stay Home

I had my first pregnancy appointment today. :) I was really nervous for some reason. It went fine ... and I scheduled my next appointment and they're going to try to fit in my first ultrasound in less than a month. The first appointment available was almost a month away! What the heck?

So then I make my trip to Albertsons ... they're having double coupons again and I saved over $95! I love it when I save twice what I end up spending. I got free Totinos Pizza Rolls, Sobe Life Water, and Beans. Plus a bunch of really cheap stuff like yogurt. Woohoo!

I was having a great time ... saving makes me happy. And then I got in line behind the welfare group. Two women (mother and daughter perhaps) with two kids - a full cart of crap food - hundreds of dollars worth of crap. Pizza, Pop Tarts, Cookies. Not that I don't eat that stuff too (except pop tarts, yuck) but I'm also not on welfare. So they have two separate orders, one with all the crap food that doesn't qualify for welfare and a second incredibly small order with some milk, cheese, and juice. It was so pathetic.

Just as annoying was the little boy who they had allowed to open a box of animal crackers (which pisses me off ... if you haven't paid for it and you eat it it's stealing!) and he was THROWING THEM AT ME!!! I'm not kidding. Throwing them directly at me. I finally said, "Do not throw animal crackers at me." And I was not kidding ... and then his mom or grandma noticed and took them away.

They had also opened two different packages of toys. Their kids can't last for an hour in the grocery store without opening (STEALING!) toys?!?! WTF?!

I have always said that I would never let my kids eat or drink items that I haven't yet paid for. Even when I'm starving or dying of thirst I don't eat or drink things without paying for them. My mom never let us do it and she would get SO mad at us when we snuck samples from the bulk section. Oh boy did we get in trouble. It's STEALING.

So they get through and it's my turn and the cashier rocks and I save bunches of money. Woohoo. Right?

When I get to my car, some asshole has parked SO F'ing close to my car that I couldn't get my car door open enough to get in the driver's side...I think I am going to have bruises on my legs from squeezing through the tiny opening I managed to took some self control to not purposely ram my door into the side of their car. Road (parked) rage anyone??? If I had been another couple months pregnant I really would have been in trouble. I was so pissed that I actually left a note ... it took all of my strength to not leave a curse laced note ... I just said "could you have parked ANY closer? Try to think of others next time will ya?" I could not believe how unbelievably rude they were.

I'm not supposed to get stressed out. =) I called hubby and he talked me down.

So now it's time for bed. Yes, it's not even 7 a.m. But I'm exhausted.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Being nervous going to the doctor is quite normal. Try to relax.

Wow, you really saved some bucks today. Good for you.

As for the idiot that parked too close. Well, what can one say? Nothing. They are idiots.

Have a terrific day. :)

pamibe said...

I'm always behind those people in the grocery store! They make me crazy...!

I'm the same way about opening stuff in the store. Won't do it, period. Won't eat a grape. Nothing. Know why? Because when I was a little girl my mother had me sit in the cart with my hands in my lap. I had to keep my hands there and not touch what wasn't mine.

Didn't work with my brother, though. LOL!

Glad the doctor's appointment went well!