Monday, February 16, 2009

My Mother is Insane

So, on Sunday we went out to Red Lobster for lunch to celebrate my mother in law's birthday. Since it was a good excuse, hubby and I had decided to tell folks the big news. I'm only around 8 weeks, but hubby was having a hard time waiting so we went ahead with it.

My coworker had a great idea for telling them. On Saturday I went to Michaels and sat on their dirty floor picking out little tiny cardboard letters to paste onto wooden frames. I needed two "Grandma" frames, one "Aunt", and one "Great Grandpa".

I spent a couple of hours gluing and painting. I ran out of steam and didn't completely paint my own mom's frame, but I knew she wouldn't care.

We headed out to lunch and found out that it would be a 45 minute wait. It's never as long as they actually say so we all decided to stay and wait. I figured that was as good a time as any so hubby went out to the car to get the "Valentine's Day" presents. hee hee

My Sister in Law got it RIGHT away. It took my grandpa and my mother in law a little longer. It's a good thing we were out in the waiting room and not at a table. My MIL started crying. And everyone started taking pictures. Sheesh.

So my mom has known for about 24 hours and she's already started shopping for maternity clothes for me. ROFL She is nuts. She had resigned herself to never having anything but doggy grand "kids" so it was a real shock to her. She called last night and asked "Are you sure?" ... she's in a little shock.

Which makes sense...I mean, hubby and I were in shock for the first couple of weeks. Now I'm not so much in shock as in nausea ... constantly. It really sucks. As does the slight cramping. *sigh* Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Today my mom called me at least 6 times. I'm sure she'll calm down eventually. *grin*


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Your mom sounds just like mine. When she found out I was pregnant she went a bit overboard. Let her have fun. She will be invaluable to you after the baby comes. Trust me here.

Have a terrific evening. Big hug mommy to be. :)

pamibe said...

As a grandmother of three [they're step-grandkids, not that it matters] I can tell you that she's probably crying half the time and laughing the other half. When she's not shopping.

She's happy, that's all. It's a joyous time for your family and friends. :D

A precious new life... oh, heck. Now I'm going to cry... LOL!