Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So Now He's An Expert on Gestational Diabetes

My blood glucose was crazy high. *sigh* I had to drink that gross orange drink yesterday, wait an hour, and then get stabbed by a crazy lady. Seriously. I've never bled so much after having blood drawn in my LIFE. It completely soaked through the gauze and leaked onto my arm. Ug.

So now I have to go back in and do a THREE freaking HOUR test. I can't eat for 10 hours before hand, I have to drink more gross orange drink (it burns my throat), and then I have to get my blood drawn every hour for three hours.

Here's hoping it comes back more normal. I really do not want to change my eating habits so drastically. No more chips. No more soda. No mac and cheese! Oh dear God help me now!!!

Plus I gained 11 pounds in 5 weeks. I don't *feel* that fat. Maybe some of it is water weight. One can hope. I'm just praying that the Water Aerobics I started last week slow the weight gain.

This baby is going to be the death of me. But I can't get too mad at him...I'm the one stuffing my face. I bet I could have gained 11 pounds in 5 weeks even not being pregnant. Easy!

When I told hubby the results of yesterday's test he immediately jumped online and started researching Gestational Diabetes. So now he's an expert and will be planning our meals. ROFL He cracks me up.

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pamibe said...

Oldest Daughter just went through the 10 hour/every 3 blood drawn test. She said she almost tore someone's face off... so I know it won't be easy.

Hope it goes smooth and the results show that you were just having an 'off' day when you got the high range result!