Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Heart Walmart

I want a bumper sticker that says "I SHOP AT WALMART" ... just to counter the stupid assinine stickers like the one my neighbor has that says "I don't shop at Walmart." I know I've written before about how stupid I think they are...they think they're so much better than those of us who do shop there?

Just this last weekend I had an excellent trip to my local Wally World. I've discovered the joys of price matching. Instead of making four different stops to different stores to get the best deals and the biggest bang for my coupon dollars, I can take the ads with me to WM and they will match the prices right there and I can still use my coupons. Saving me time and money (and gas!).

I got bologna (yes, I know...gross...but I'm pregnant and have been craving it) for a crazy cheap price. It's normally around $5 for a 16 oz package. WM sells it for $3.80 something. The sale from Safeway was buy one get one free. And I had a coupon for $1 off of two.

So for $2.80 (something) I got two 16 ounce containers of beef bologna. Name brand. I'll be eating bologna for weeks...already I've had a sandwich for lunch every day. YUMMY!

That is a huge savings! Nearly $7 cheaper than if I bought two 16 ounce containers at another store.

I also got a 12 ounce package of string cheese for $1.99. Safeway had it on sale for $2.99 and I had a coupon for $1 off. WM's regular price is over $4, and other stores are over $5.

Not to mention the Tucks travel pack boxes that are less than $3, and I had coupons for $3 off. So I actually EARNED money off the rest of my order (I calculated that I got an additional $2 off my bill by using these coupons that were worth more than the asking price). That doesn't happen a lot but it's great when it does.

So maybe one of these high and mighty "I don't shop at Walmart" people can explain to me why I should go spend more money at another grocery store for the exact same items. I've saved hundreds of dollars just this year by shopping at Walmart, using their price match policy, and using coupons.

That is money that I can save. Or use to pay off debts. Or spend on something else like maternity clothes. (Which, I will say WM sucks in their maternity section...everything looks like nursing scrubs.)

Instapundit also linked to this great article about how Walmart actually helps people maintain their weight! Who knew?

What I do know is those people who stand outside WM with picket signs and try to make people feel bad because it's a non-union shop can kiss my ass. I often feel like flipping them the bird, but I usually just shake my head. They don't know what they're missing.


Sandee said...

I don't shop Wal*Mart. We used to all the time, but it got so bad we quit going. One of our Wal*Mart's you need to speak Spanish. The other Wal*Mart is just nasty. We just quit going. We shop at Target now. So, I don't have my nose in the air I just can't stand the nasty places in our area.

Have a terrific day. :)

Lauren said...

We don't have Walmarts near me, but I'd shopt there. I cannot stand the left wing morally high and mighty bull..but you know that already. I didn't know your pregnant. We should talk via email. my addy is the same as my site at gmail dot com.