Friday, June 26, 2009


Shit. Shit. Shit. Shitty Shit Shit.

I do have gestational diabetes. *sigh*

Which just pisses me the hell off...even though I'm sure it's totally my fault.

Thankfully my mom is an RN ... and a diabetic specialist to boot. So she's on the case and finding out what exactly I need to do and who to meet with. Plus she works at my clinic so she knows the best folks to talk to/see. Inside tracks rock.

I am still pissed though. I have to poke my finger now ... I HATE needles. I don't care how small they are.

Not to mention losing my favorite foods. Carbs are my FRIEND! =( And I'm totally addicted to sugar, though I think that won't be as difficult to weed out as the carbs. My breakfast bagel alone has 51 grams! I think that's almost a whole days worth.

Screw it though...I'm eating my breakfast sandwich this morning (bagel with laughing cow cheese and lunch meat .... *drooling*). And my chips. Lunch isn't so bad - two soft tacos with beans, cheese, rice, and black olives. Yummy!

So life sucks right now. This is going to SUCK major suckage.


SpeakDog said...
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SpeakDog said...

Giving up carbs *will* suck.

At first.

I do the South Beach diet, and the first two weeks without carbs are brutal. Because your body craves carbs like an addiction... The more of them you eat, the more of them you want. So, going cold turkey sucks.

Within the first couple of weeks, though, the addiction breaks, the cravings go away, and it's a *lot* easier.

I don't know nothin' bout birthin' no babies, and I certainly don't know anything about gestational diabetes, but I'm assuming that you only have to give up "bad" carbs like processed white flour, sugar, etc. On South Beach you give up almost all carbs for 2 weeks (long enough to break the addiction), then bring back "good" carbs like whole grains, a larger variety of fruits & veggies, etc. I'm betting you'll still get to eat the good ones, because they don't make your blood sugar level spike like the bad ones.

Either way, even if you do have to really restrict all carbs, once the addiction is broken the cravings go away.

Trust me, it'll be a lot easier than you think.

I hope this little pep talk helps you feel better... :)

CastoCreations said...

Thanks. :)

I meet with the dietitian today. And the OB nurse. Have to learn how to use a glucose meter.

I'm totally depressed right now.

pamibe said...

I'm sorry to hear that...! Will it go away after you give birth?

Giving up carbs is a struggle... but like Jana said, the addiction breaks in two weeks.

Not that I'd like to try one of those diets now... ;)

Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

That sucks! My wife had gestational diabetes as well..and..she is an RN herself. Her OB told her to eat foods that have the American Diabetes Association approved labels on them and she would be fine. Lot's of good substitutes out there.