Monday, June 8, 2009

Back Off Lady

I wonder what someone would do (if I had a conceal carry permit and carried) if I pulled a gun on them when they approached me with their arms extended toward my belly.

Just a day dream I assure you. But boy did I want to do exactly that on Saturday.

What gives strangers (or friends for that matter) the idea that is socially acceptable to touch a woman's belly when she is pregnant?

Some stranger walked up to me on Saturday at the garage sale we were having, stuck her hand out toward my belly and started cooing "when are you due?"

I of course started scooting my butt backwards so fast my mom started laughing. She knows how much I hate to be touched, even by family members. In fact, she thought I'd never get pregnant with my aversion to touch. *grin*

Her hand never touched me, but it came within inches. I think my horrified expression and rapid backward movement may have tipped her off. She wasn't some little old lady either...she was maybe in her 50s. She should know better.

It really does tick me off though. I shouldn't have to be on guard all the time. I can't wear a shirt every single day with the words "Do Not Touch" across the belly. I don't let my family members (aside from hubby) touch my belly so why in the hell would I allow a stranger? I'm not even comfortable when the doctor touches me!

Yes, I have issues. That's another subject all together.

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Sandee said...

Well, it seems everyone wants to touch pregnant females. It has always seemed to have been this way. I do know that some folks don't like to be touched either.

What would happen if you pulled a weapon? You'd have gone to jail for brandishing a weapon. Okay, you would have scared the daylights out of her too.

Have a terrific day. :)