Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's a Little More Real

Hubby and I went and got a 3D ultrasound Monday evening. I was pretty skeptical and wouldn't have done it at all if my mom hadn't insisted (and paid!). It's not exactly covered by insurance and isn't super cheap.

But we actually had a lot of fun and hubby was totally into it. He said it's more real now.

I'm number 1!

Not at all shocking - my baby is "difficult." hahahahahaha He would NOT get in a good position to get a great photo. There were some great views of arms and his back, but he kept snuggling up to my placenta and hiding his face. Silly boy.

I like this one...hand on hip "I will NOT turn around!"

I'm only around 25 weeks, so it is kind of early, but we wanted to get a photo to take to the hospital for my mother in law. Something to remind her what she has to look forward to...a grandchild.

Not the clearest, but you can see his nose and lips and eyes. And she said he has lots of hair already.

Now if we could only come up with a name.


pamibe said...

What a beautiful baby! Is it crazy that the images made me cry? LOL!

Your MIL is going to love seeing these!! :)

Sandee said...

You're MIL is going to love these shots. How wonderful.

Have a terrific day. :)